Home decor: Ikea Haul

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I’d mix things up and share something different with you (post wise). It’s not often I talk about home decor (despite my interest) so I thought it would be fun to share some of the new Ikea pieces I picked up the other day. I coerced my boy (Dylan) to come with me, and while we didn’t buy anything flash (i.e. furniture), we did pick up a few odds and sods.

Dylan and live in a rented apartment and unfortunately can’t do anything permanent to the dwelling; i.e. paint walls, put shelves/fixtures up etc, etc. Our space is small cosy, so we don’t need any more furniture. To keep things tidy and uncluttered we like to stay organised. This means we’re always looking at storage compartments. While we didn’t pick up much by way of storage, we did pick up a few cheap and cheerful pieces that inject a little bit of our personalities (and style) into our home. Here’s what we picked up:

Ikea-Haul-1IKEA PS 2014 Decoration set of 3  ($19.99): I thought these were cute and funky plus I love the colourways. The lids and bases are interchangeable plus you can use them to store whatever tickles your fancy. They’re part of the PS 2014 collection, so you might want to pick up a set, if it’s something you’re interested in.

VÄLKÄND Bowl and dish, yellow ($24.99): I’m a sucker for anything lime yellow – there’s just something retro about it. The bowl really adds something to our monochromatic kitchen and makes for great storage. The base is made out of some sort of metal and it’s complimented with a beautiful wooden lid. Really cool.
Ikea-Haul-2PLUGGIS Magazine file set of 2 ($14.99): Magazine files make any office space look neat and tidy. I already have the DOKUMENT magazine files (in white) and wanted to add a different textural element, just because I think it looks good. You can see the PLUGGIS set in the pic below.
Ikea-Haul-4KVITTRA box with lid ($7.99): Our apartment is relatively small so boxes are a great way hide knick knacks/trinkets. I thought the colourway and pattern of the KVITTRA box was fun. In hindsight I should have picked up some of the larger sizes so I could mix and match the patterns and textures.
Ikea-Haul-3KRÅKRIS Throw, white, grey ($1.99): I love Ikea throws. They’re super warm and the fleece is so cuddly, plus they’re cheap as chips.
Ikea-Haul-6GODMORGON Box with compartments ($19.99): For weeks now, I’ve been wanting to give my makeup storage a makeover. And these draw box inserts are brilliant at keeping things organised.  I love the little compartments and while it may not look big in the pic it surprisingly stores a lot of products.. The tilted section can be detached and my only gripe is that I picked up one, instead of two. I’m not sure what I’ll store in it yet but I thought I’d throw in a few products to show you how awesome it is.
The rest of the items we picked up were completely unnecessary purchases ie SOMMARFINT drinking straws (I picked up 2 packets), a

KARDEMUMMA Plant pot, (in white) and a cute RYMLIG Napkin holder (in yellow) – it’s hard to walk out of Ikea empty handed.

Are you an Ikea fan? What was one of the last things you picked up?

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27 thoughts on “Home decor: Ikea Haul

  1. Lovely pieces you’ve picked up here!
    I am beginning to love IKEA to be honest…Need to visit more often.
    The cheap and cheerful products always end up being the most interesting, I found! X

    • Hey Sarah 🙂 I think Ikea is great. The pieces are affordable and decent quality plus I love the Scandinavian twist 🙂 Oh, and you can hack the hell out of the furniture too. Despite being mass produced you can still turn said furniture into something unique. x

  2. most of my house stuff is from the good old Ikea too. I love the colours. a friend who works there told me that Ikea brings this collection out every 3 or 4 years… my other favourite shop is Zara Home, a bit more expensive but you can find some amazing pieces in there. 🙂 xx

    • Yes that’s right – I think they release the collection every 2-3 years 🙂 I love Scandinavian design (it’s my favourite) so Ikea is a very affordable way to get my dose 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near a Zara but I do remember seeing lots of nice things when I was abroad last year 🙂 Gorgeous stuff 🙂 Have an awesome weekend sweets! x

  3. What great purchases! I’m such a sucker for all things IKEA and STORAGE! Looooving the box with compartments and the yellow bowl ❤ I just wish that there was an IKEA store closer by (I used to live around the corner from one, so my childhood was filled with playing at IKEA for hours at a time lol but then they moved *tear* lol).

    • Thanks lovely! I’m pretty happy with my purchases too 🙂 There were a whole bunch of other bits and bobs I would have loved to have taken home with me, but in the end I had to refrain myself :/ I was just reading that Ikea will be opening a further 4 Australian stores by 2016. Apparently there’s a big market in Oz. Perhaps one of those will open close to where you live 🙂

    • Fair enough 🙂 I really like the furniture. I’ve seen some great hack jobs too … only thing I’m not a fan of is the framed art. I’m generally not a fan of mass produced reproductions.

      • Have to agree with you there about the mass produced art. My mom and a few of my friends are artists who sell their paintings on the side and that’s mainly what our apartment is decorated with 🙂

  4. I love IKEA, but unfortunately it’s rather hard to get to as I don’t have a car 🙂 Once I’m more permanently settled somewhere, though, you can count on there being a big IKEA decorating session 🙂 I like all of the pieces you picked up, especially that beautiful and bright lime yellow bowl! Out of curiosity, what does the phrase “we didn’t buy anything flash” mean? I haven’t heard that before!

    • Thanks Alina! I love the lime yellow bowl too 🙂 You’re going to have a field day when you get around to decorating. Ikea is great and affordable, probably more so in the States than it is here in Australia (we pay too much for everything). The term Flash (in context to my post) means ostentatiously stylish/expensive 🙂 Have an amazing weekend 🙂

    • They’re so convenient. You should definitely try and get one (or two). I’m kicking myself for not picking up another. Also thanks for the image love. I’m struggling now that we’re creeping into winter (so reliant on natural light). Hope you’re having an awesome weekend lovely! x

    • Thanks so much lovely! It’s such a great storage device – you should pick one up if you can. It’s great having things stacked together in one compartment, although I should really pick up another one 🙂

  5. I just found your blog thanks to the lovely Beth of Ginger N Roses and I LOVE it. Such a good discovery tonight. 🙂 This Ikea haul is seriously making me feel like I need to make a trip asap. It looks like they got so many new lovely and summery things. Hopefully, they’re not just in Australia…!
    XO Camey

    • Hi Camey, thanks so much for the lovely comments 🙂 it’s always nice getting positive feedback 🙂 As for Ikea, there’s heaps of awesomeness that’ll help spruce up the home… theses were just a few I picked up, as I was on a budget. What part of the world are you from? Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂 xx

  6. I love IKEA. I can stay there the entire day. These are some great items. I also went the other day and picked up some decor. I love switching things around my place often. And what better store than Ikea to give you ideas? Lol

    • Ikea is great for sprucing things up. It’s affordable so it’s easier to change things up regularly without making a huge dent in the wallet 🙂 I love switching things around too, a little too often sometimes hehe 🙂

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