Life // Japan (Part 2)

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Okay so here are some more pics I had trouble attaching in my previous post. I’ve got heaps more but I think you get the drift. I ♥ Japan:)


Life // Japan (Part 1)

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First things, first… hello my lovelies. I’ve missed you and the blog since I went away for my Japan trip. While a lot has happened since then, I wanted to firstly thank you for all your lovely comments, which I’ve been catching up on today. You guys are the best and a big hello to my new followers too.

Where do I begin? Well, Japan was amazing! We had the most incredible time on our trip. We returned a little solemn with super sore feet but big smiles on our faces and beautiful memories imprinted in our hearts. Japan is definitely my favourite place to visit. I’ve traveled around the globe a little and Japan is unlike anywhere I’ve been before. It’s really in a league of it’s own. We’re already talking about our next trip. Put simply there isn’t just one thing I fell in love with rather the whole experience was amazing – everything from the people, hospitality, food and culture and of course the beautiful sights of Tokyo and further afar. There’s too much to mention and I won’t bore you with details so if you have anything you’d like to ask please do and I’ll be sure to answer your questions.

I’ll leave you with a small selection of pics and post some more in another post. Would you believe the only thing we forgot to pack was the camera charger and we couldn’t find a replacement on our shopping adventures. I can’t believe it was the only thing we couldn’t find to buy in Japan – seriously the shopping is nuts! Credit cards beware – it’s a little challenging being a responsible shopper:)

TravelLife // Leaving for Japan


Yay – last sleep till we leave for Japan and what an amazing sleep it will be. Why is it they we always tire ourselves out before a trip? I spent today running errands and shopping for last minute essentials…luckily dinner was a no fuss gluten free pizza – so delicious. Anyway, back to the post. I just wanted to wish all my lovely readers a Happy Easter and to send thanks for all the lovely holiday comments. I hope I manage to keep up with posts but if I don’t please understand why. I’m only gone for a little while and will be back in no time, hopefully, with some exciting posts. Take care and stay safe! xx

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Japan here we come

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I have some exciting news to share. Next month my boy and I are going to Japan. Ever since I was a little I’ve dreamed of going – mostly to see the cherry blossoms and drink tea…lol. Finally, it’s actually happening. Neither of us have been before so if any of you -my lovely readers have, please share your tips of places to visit, great shopping haunts and great places to eat.

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Sawadee ka:)

Sawadee ka:) We’re finally back from my much needed Thailand holiday. Such an amazing and mesmerising country. If you need to run away to a tropical oasis I strongly recommend Thailand. Thai people are so warm and friendly and their haphazard ways are likened to ordered chaos, well in my eyes anyway. It comes to no surprise they call Thailand the land of the smiles. Despite the fact that it was monsoon season we managed to have beautiful weather the whole time we were there. Lucky for us but not so lucky for large parts of Thailand that were affected by horrendous floods. If you can donate some money to the Thai flood Appeal please do so (please check for your local charities). Anyway I won’t bore you with holiday talk but what I will do is thank you for your lovely comments and messages prior our departure. They really made me smile. I’ll be back to speed with my blog in no time but for now here are just a few holiday snaps.