YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks in 03 Rose Libre

YSL-Kiss-&-Blush-Rose-Libre-1To say that I was ecstatic to try my very first YSL Kiss & Blush is a huge understatement Nothing excites me more than discovering new treasures particularly when they’re from the beauty department. I realise that sounds a little shallow but sometimes the mind needs a little time-out, wouldn’t you agree?

Back to the YSL Kiss & Blush and once again YSL have made it pretty easy for us beauty lovers to pull out our wallets and hand over our hard earned cash. Sure there might be a little trepidation at first (hello steep price point), but the Kiss & Blush are pretty hard to resist once you’ve given them a whirl. I mean take a look at these babies – are they not the prettiest things you’ve ever seen? Granted they look like fancy bottles of nail polish, but that’s part of the allure wouldn’t you say?

YSL-Kiss-&-Blush-Rose-Libre-4When I initially heard YSL was launching a 2-in-1 lip and cheek product I was super excited. I spent a considerable amount of time trawling through online images. I knew choosing just one shade (from a sea of pretty colours) was going to be the hardest part.

I’m usually a bright lip kinda girl but after some deliberation I chose the shade 03 Rose Libre which under normal circumstances, isn’t a shade I would have gravitated toward. 03 Rose Libre a neutral mid-toned pink which has the slightest bluish tint that just works for me – it’s just easy.

The air whipped luminous texture feels very lightweight on both the lips and cheeks. As a blush it has a lovely translucent finish (sans shimmer) that imparts a really lovely and healthy sheer wash of colour, that just so happens to make me look like I’ve just gone for a winter run. On the lips, it appears much more matte. Admittedly there is a little slip on first application but it eventually sets. It doesn’t cake when being built up and the longevity is good but not amazing (if I’m completely honest). What I like most about this product is that it works as a multipurpose product meaning there is less to throw in my makeup bag plus it’s great for when I want that match-matchy look.

This is by far my favourite launch in a long time from YSL and I’m looking forward to adding more shades in the future, when my wallet permits. Have you tried these yet?

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Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet

BourjoisVelvet finishes (in regards to beauty products) seem to be all the rage at the moment, which is music to my ears if I’m honest. I just think there’s something quintessentially chic about a velvet finish.

To say I was excited about Bourjois launching a line of velvet lip products (and at drugstore prices) is a gross understatement. I waited patiently for them to make their way from across the pond, and while I hesitated on making an initial purchase (purely because of the not so drugstore price point),  it was love at first swatch.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a matte lipstick lover so I was happy to find that I wasn’t disappointed with these babies. The Rouge Edition Velvets feel like a hybrid product in that they go on like a cream but set to a velvet/matte finish. They have a high-end silky texture despite being touted a matte product. With that being said they have quite a bit of slip which I suspect has something to do with silicones.

In terms of colour payoff expect super dooper in-your-face opague goodness. I get about 6+ hours of wear before having to top up and best of all I can chow down a burger without having to worry about smearing product all over my face. The formula is a tad drying but nothing to complain about in comparison to similar products – there’s nothing a little prep beforehand can’t fix.

Bourjois-4L-R: 01 Personne ne Rougee,  02 Frambourjoise, 06 Pink Pong & 03 Hot Pepper.

However, if there’s one thing I’m not a fan of it’s the scent. There’s something metallic about it that I just don’t like, which I can’t put my finger on. Aside from that I love the line. They make it super easy to look pulled together in zero time.

I picked up 4 shades; 01 Personne ne Rougee (Classic red), 02 Frambourjoise (Red berry with pink undertones), 03 Hot Pepper (Orangey red) & 06 Pink Pong (Berry toned fuchsia). Of the four my favourite is Ping Pong and my least favouite is  Hot Pepper (I just don’t suite an orange based red unfortunately).

Have you tried the Rouge Edition Velvets? Which of the 8 shades is your favourite?

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MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass


Having posted about my Nars Wonder lipgloss last week I thought I’d share a couple of my other glosses with you, given I don’t have many. This time round it’s all about MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass – a sheer, muted peachy-pink with pretty gold shimmer. It’s a very versatile colour, wearable for any occasion and looks lovely paired with a nude, peach, and even orange lipstick. This was my first foray into Mac glosses and while it’s a pretty shade it’s still a little tacky in my opinion. While I like the hi-shine, the brush applicator is also a bit of a drag as I prefer a doe foot applicator. Overall, (despite the tacky texture)  Love Nectar has just the right amount of shine and shimmer and is the perfect colour if you’re after that naturally pretty lip look.

Mac_Love_Nectar_Lusterglass_2 Mac_Love_Nectar_Lusterglass_3

What are your thoughts on MAC lusterglasses?

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NARS Wonder Lipgloss


I’m not the biggest gloss fan. I generally find them too tacky and heavy to wear. Having said that I’m a huge sucker for pretty colours and I got totally suckered in by this one, which I’ve had for some time now.  NARS Wonder Lipgloss, is a “shiny, sheer mandarin orange, laced with pink and gold shimmer.” It’s a semi-sheer gloss  and is easily buildable. As with most NARS glosses, I found this one to be hydrating and scent and taste fee. And while it’s not something I reach out for often, this yummy shade does make my lips look plumped,  juicy and ready for some sunshine – It’s the perfect colour for the warmer months.

Nars_Wonder_gloss_2 Nars_Wonder_gloss_3

What’s your favourite gloss, Nars or other.

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Favourite balm: Velvet lip balm


One my lips need some loving one of my daily go-to products is my Velvet Lip Balm by Est Australia. It’s honestly my saving grace when it comes to dry chapped lips. My lips feel amazing when I use this stuff and the balm brings instant relief, like no other. I’d been buying various forms chapsticks up until recently and it was pretty much disappointment after disappointment as none of them seemed to help with my dry, chapped lips. While I’ve also tried a few nourishing balms similar to this one, this still remains the best in my opinion.


Not only is it deliciously nourishing but it smells amaaaazing too. It glides on with ease, isn’t heavy and doesn’t feel greasy despite being made from a blend of organic ingredients, including beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, and honey to name a few. I slather it on before bed and wake up with luscious, soft lips. I also apply a light layer under certain lipsticks, particularly if they’re a more drying formula. The only thing I find a little odd about this balm is that it’s an unusual brown tint, which makes me look sallow if I wear it alone. This isn’t a huge issue for me but i thought I’d mention it in case you were interested.


From what I can tell, these 30ml jars are a tad difficult to come by so if you do come across them don’t think twice – perhaps even consider stocking up. I have the flavour? Vanilla Orange but it also comes in peppermint lemon, which I haven’t tried but I’m very curious about.

What’s your go-to lip balm for dry, chapped lips?

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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain (Honey / Douce)


There’s been a huge buzz surrounding Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, and I can’t believe I’ve held out till now to get my hands on one of my very own.  I picked up the colour Honey (Douce) which is a pretty yet subtle – barely there nude. It’s the perfect no fuss anytime anywhere colour.

The packaging and finish is distinctly similar tothat of the Clinque Chubby Sticks but at half the price (bargain). Wear time isn’t great but the pigmentation is and while the texture feels like a balm it actually offers considerable colour payoff for a nud-ish colour. There is a slight sheen on application but no shimmer or glitter at all. The best thing about these lip balm stains is that they’re are retractable so there’s no need for sharpening (hooray). I picked mine up from Priceline during a promotion and I’m kicking myself for not picking up a few extra shades, as I probably wouldn’t pay the Australian rrp price  ($17.95 if you’re curious). One thing I haven’t mentioned till now is that these stains have a mint scent, which fades pretty quickly on me, but may not be to everyone’s liking.


Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains are fantastic but with a market flooding with similar products is possibly worthwhile holding of your purchases and road testing what’s out there. Having said that, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain is the perfect go-to staple you can throw in your bag, that will see you through the day and nights out.

Revlon_Just_Bitten_3 Revlon_Just_Bitten_5

Have you tried Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, and if so which shades are your favourite?

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MAC Absolute Power lipstick


My review on MAC’s Absolute Power, is well and truly overdue, particularly as it’s no longer available for purchase. Nevertheless I knew some of you would like a little review, so here it is.

While I’m a huge MAC fan, Absolute Power (lipstick) was the only product I picked up from the Strength collection, which debuted back in January of this year. I may have mentioned at some point or another, that I have a penchant for red based lipsticks. It comes as no surprise then, that I ‘needed’ to add this to my arsenal before I completely missed out on getting one – it’s a limited additional colour and I’ve been burnt before hehe.

In terms of colour and finish, Absolute Power is right up my alley. It’s a gorgeous rich pinky-red  shade. Despite the matte finish, the consistency feels creamy on application and isn’t as drying as some of the other shades in the same finish. It’s very long wearing on me (I get about 5 hours wear), however I do need a touch of balm on my lips before applying (I uses my Virgin Olive oil balm). Nothing wrong with a little extra conditioning, I say, This is a very fun and empowering colour. I’ll aim to get a swatch pic up here, so watch this space if you’re interested.

What shade, irrespective of brand of lippie, do you find empowering?

MAC_Absolute_Power_2 MAC_Absolute_Power_3

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