Weekend Edit: Style #11

weekend-edit-11Hello lovelies, It’s the end of another week and it’s also the end of my stay in Brisbane. Dylan and I are finally moving back to Sydney! Woohoo! We leave on Monday and to say it’s been a hectic past month is an understatement. We’re both utterly exhausted but just need to get over the final hurdle; cleaning our apartment and handing over the keys. For anyone who rents in Australia this part is a massive pain in the arse – yeah, I have issues with real estate agents (long story). With everything packed up and already in Sydney I thought I’d squeeze in one last post this week before we head down.

One thing I’m looking forward to most in Sydney is the cooler climate; I’m a winter/autumn girl at heart and can’t wait to dig out my wooly jumpers and coats. I managed to condense my wardrobe down to a quarter of it’s size during our pack-up (yes really) so would love to add a few neutral pieces to my almost non-existent wardrobe. Strangely it’s quite satisfying getting rid of everything and starting a fresh. While it’s unlikely I will add any of these pieces (my mac died this morning and probably can’t be salvaged, grrr) it’s nice to get a little inspired.

I’m not sure what my schedule will be like regarding posts next week (as we will be staying with family) but things will return to some kind of normality soon. Apologies if I haven’t been able to visit your blog and comment like I normally do, but I hope you all understand that it’s just the transition process and nothing more.

For now thanks for your support, have an amazing weekend and take care!

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Exciting news!

wedding-inspirationI’ve been hoarding a bit of a secret, which might explain my erratic posts lately (just in case you noticed). I’m getting married- wohoo *happy dance*.

I thought it was about time I let the cat out of the bag and share the good news with you. Dylan, my best friend and soulmate proposed a few weeks ago and although we haven’t set a date or organised anything, we’ve finally got around to sharing the good news with our dearest and nearest (which is hard when you live interstate, hence the delay in letting you all know).

We’re pushing for a wedding before the end of the year but realistically it will probably happen early next year. We both have so much going on at the moment, which I will share with you at another time. For now everything is still very much in the air… so I will have to keep you posted as things progress.

As you can imagine my pinterest account is getting a bit of a workout so I thought I’d share some of my pins, naturally they’re all wedding related.

I just wanted to say thanks for your patience over the past few weeks, regarding my post uploads – hopefully things will return to normal soon. Till next time lovelies – have a great weekend!

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Trend // Yellow

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I thought I’d inject some colour today and seeing as the weather has been pretty gloomy for the last week or so I thought it might brighten things up a little (in place of the sun, which looks to have done a runner). Admittedly I don’t own a lot of yellow in my wardrobe but I think it’s a perfect mood lifter. Personally I’d opt for accessories in this hue as i don’t think it particularly suits my skin tone, unless of course I’m wearing it in the form of a skirt, wide leg pants or shorts. Mmm, I think I should investigate these options a little further. Btw, how buttery soft does that Celine bag look in the last pic? Love it.

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