In memory

sorrySorry guys, no regular post today … it just doesn’t seem right. I like many of you, are just learning about the Malaysian airline tragedy and it’s breaking my heart. My love and prayers go out to the family and friends who grieve the loss of their loved ones. Such an aweful thing to happen and I’m lost for words. These tragic sort of events remind me that life is too short, so get out there and live, laugh and love. Forgive those who’ve hurt you and remember that you only get one shot, so make the most of every minute. Take care lovelies!


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6 thoughts on “In memory

  1. You put that into words beautifully. This tragedy has touched me more so than many others – I’m not quite sure why yet. I just hope that the families find the strength and peace they need soon… The pain must be unimaginable.

    • I feel the same Sylvia. Its such an awful thing to happen to innocent people. I can’t imagine what their families and friends are going through. I spent most of yesterday with tears in my eyes and in total disbelief. My mind still can’t comprehend it.

  2. It just makes me sad that these conflicts keep happening even to this day. How long until we learn to stop killing each other. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the deceased…por people. 😦

    • It’s completely heartbreaking. Hearing stories about the people that perished makes me so sad. They were just innocent unsuspecting people caught in the crossfire. My heart goes to their families and friends.

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