Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet

BourjoisVelvet finishes (in regards to beauty products) seem to be all the rage at the moment, which is music to my ears if I’m honest. I just think there’s something quintessentially chic about a velvet finish.

To say I was excited about Bourjois launching a line of velvet lip products (and at drugstore prices) is a gross understatement. I waited patiently for them to make their way from across the pond, and while I hesitated on making an initial purchase (purely because of the not so drugstore price point),  it was love at first swatch.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a matte lipstick lover so I was happy to find that I wasn’t disappointed with these babies. The Rouge Edition Velvets feel like a hybrid product in that they go on like a cream but set to a velvet/matte finish. They have a high-end silky texture despite being touted a matte product. With that being said they have quite a bit of slip which I suspect has something to do with silicones.

In terms of colour payoff expect super dooper in-your-face opague goodness. I get about 6+ hours of wear before having to top up and best of all I can chow down a burger without having to worry about smearing product all over my face. The formula is a tad drying but nothing to complain about in comparison to similar products – there’s nothing a little prep beforehand can’t fix.

Bourjois-4L-R: 01 Personne ne Rougee,  02 Frambourjoise, 06 Pink Pong & 03 Hot Pepper.

However, if there’s one thing I’m not a fan of it’s the scent. There’s something metallic about it that I just don’t like, which I can’t put my finger on. Aside from that I love the line. They make it super easy to look pulled together in zero time.

I picked up 4 shades; 01 Personne ne Rougee (Classic red), 02 Frambourjoise (Red berry with pink undertones), 03 Hot Pepper (Orangey red) & 06 Pink Pong (Berry toned fuchsia). Of the four my favourite is Ping Pong and my least favouite is  Hot Pepper (I just don’t suite an orange based red unfortunately).

Have you tried the Rouge Edition Velvets? Which of the 8 shades is your favourite?

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22 thoughts on “Bourjois: Rouge Edition Velvet

    • I got lucky picking these up when they were on offer, but I wouldn’t have purchased them at rrp. Still, the colours are just stunning and the formula is so pigmented. I was really impressed 🙂

  1. OOOH! Nice new header! Although I kinda miss the flamingo 🙂

    These are frickin’ gorgeous! I love that it’s a small tube too. I feel like cosmetics are so big and bulky nowadays – am I the only one? Sad day about the scent. I’m weird about smells too and if something is not rocking with me, I just can’t handle it. Have you ever smelled NARS lipgloss? DEATH. Ewwww….

    Lovely post as always 🙂

    • You’re such a sweetheart. Way to make a girl fee special 🙂 Yeah I’m very particular about scents too. I have a couple of NARS glosses although it’s been a while since I wore them. Must bring out the scent-o-meter when I’m at home. Can’t recall ever noticing the “ewwww” but I trust you wise one! Hope you had an amazing weekend? Have you picked up anything new and exciting lately?

      • OMG. Smell them IMMEDIATELY. It’s soooo bad. BAD, BAD, BAD.

        I had a great weekend in the country with my grandparents 🙂 And, yes, I’ve picked up a few things, but no major haulage will make it to my posts for quite a while :). Gotta give everyone a break, ya know?

        Also, be on the lookout for a special email from me this week… eek!

  2. Oh I’m so happy you showed some swatches! They are great but I just haven’t gotten my paws on the right colours yet. I bought two while Priceline was having a $10 sale on them, but the only colours left were Hot Pepper and Ping Pong so I bought them in a frenzy. I don’t mind Ping Pong, but I thought Hot Pepper would have been more like the other two reds – it’s to much like a tomato red for me. Oh wells, I will have to go back there soon and check out the other reds!

    • All the colours are so punchy but it’s a shame there aren’t more to choose from. I picked them up for $10 too – such a bargain don’t you think? As I mentioned in the post my fav is Ping Pong but I agree about Hot Pepper (too tomato red). I surprised you didn’t like it though. I thought it would be up your alley.

  3. Well of course I tried them and my fav would be 04 Peach Club which I reviewed a few days ago! All the shades are super pretty anyway ❤️ I’m also disappointed about the scent *eeek* but I agree with you, they’re instant glam in a bottle! 😀

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