A moment of weakness: Reflets d’Été (Chanel Summer Beauty 2014)

Chanel-Summer-14-Collection So this happened over the weekend. I know I said I was trying to be thrifty but judging by the pics in this post it’s pretty apparent that I couldn’t step away from the Chanel counter quick enough. I ended up picking up two pieces from the Reflets d’Ete collection and actually showed quite a lot of restraint in the process; my love of shopping is clearly being tested at the moment, especially in regards to all the new beauty releases (gahh). The two products I picked up include an Illusion D’Ombre in New Moon and Blush Creme de Chanel in the shade cheeky.

I actually didn’t anticipate picking up the Blush Creme de Chanel in Cheeky (79). I honestly didn’t think I’d be so enamored as it seemed really ordinary in pictures I’d seen online. However, after swatching it in person, it really stood out. Cheeky is a gorgeous bronze shade with neutral-to-warm undertones. The cream-to-powder formula is super easy to use, and applies effortlessly, whether your a cream blush pro or newbie. If you’re familiar with the shade Destiny #61 (from the Fall 2013 Superstition collection) it’s somewhat comparable but much more of a cooler version.

What I love most about blush Creme de Chanel is that the formula never looks cakey, nor does it settle into pores. The satin-matte finish pairs beautifully with all of my foundations, but I’m particularly loving it with my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet. As for wear time I get a good 8 hours if I use a primer or powder, but I suspect it would last longer if you have normal to dry skin. I think this shade would also double as a contour if you have a fair to medium skin tone. I’m about an NW20-25 and get away with it. Chanel-Summer-14-New-MoonThe other product I picked up, is an Illusion D’Ombre in the shade New Moon. I was really excited about the shade and on swatch, I wasn’t disappointed. The colour is divine, a beautiful brown with hints of iridescent copper. What surprised me most about New Moon was the amount of glitter/sparkle – Chanel really went to town with the fairy dust. I found that over the course of the day I had quite a bit of residual fallout, something to bare in mind if you don’t like glittery products. Having said that New Moon can be applied sheer or can be built up to an intense shimmer, depending on what floats your boat. Of course with a product such as this,  strategic placement is crucial. With that being said, it’s quite a unique shade and I think if you’re a fan of Illusion D’Ombre’s you’ll love this. Chanel-Summer-14-swatchesSorry about the terrible swatch pic. I’ll try and replace it with a better photo soone. The downside of shooting in winter is that the light is all over the place and once the clouds roll in, there’s Buckley’s chance of getting consistent lighting in my pics – the perils of relying on natural lighting.

Let me know if you picked up anything form the Chanel Summer collection. I had to side step the Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Violet Touch and the Stylo Yeux in Ambre Dore (#911) for fear of retribution, luckily I didn’t care much for the glosses.

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16 thoughts on “A moment of weakness: Reflets d’Été (Chanel Summer Beauty 2014)

  1. Gorgeous picks, totally my cup of tea. The blush looks specially beautiful to me, and I am looking for a good natural contour cream! Will check it out (and try not to indulge…too much) 😛
    anyway, I’m sure you work very hard and you deserve anything pretty you want!

    • Hi lovely:) the blush is gorgeous and you’re right, it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then 🙂 Give Chanel a try next time you’re out the counter, or try the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder. It’s on my wish list and looks like an amazing contour shade 🙂 have a beautiful day!

      • Libby, do you have the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder? 🙂 I’m searching for something new and was going inbetween the KA sculpting powder and the Nars contouring powder…

      • I can’t find Kevin Aucoin in stores here so I would have to order it online! But yeah I’ll write it down just in case. I just ordered the microsmooth baked trio by Sephora which I hope is going to be a great sculpting powder for the wedding, but if not I will try the K.A or the Chanel one. Can you compare the Illusion eyeshadows vs the Dior Fusion Cream ones? I don’t know if you’ve tried both but I’m curious, as they seem very similar to me. 🙂

      • Yeah I’m on the hunt for a good contour product too. From what I can tell the Kevyn Aucoin one is super popular and has a lovely colour payoff (not orange). You can pick it up from Cultbeauty if you’re interested. I’m thinking I might pick up for the wedding. Watch this space for a review some time soon. Hey did you decide to do your own makeup or will you get a MUA for your wedding?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. I wish I had your Chanel collection.

    I’ve looked at the Illusion D’Ombre’s time and time again, but I find that they’re all sparkly? I’m anti sparkle and REALLY anti fall out. Are there any that not like that?

    • Thanks lovely! I’m generally not big on sparkle either but I have a soft spot for the Illusion D’Ombres. Unfortunately all of the shades have sparkle (some more than others) so I doubt you will like any of them. Of course you can layer them with a powder, but really I’d put your money elsewhere if you’re not a fan.

  3. What gorgeous buys! They would definitely give you a ‘pick me up’ 🙂 Funny how when we are broke or ‘saving’ somehow we happen to want what is a little pricier – kind of like when lipstick sales soared in the great depression lol

    • haha, yeah funny how that happens 🙂 I didn’t want to miss out on the collection after hearing counters south of the border were out of stock. I hate that feeling when you miss out on something you had the chance to purchase, lol – I think I would have felt that way with this collection:)

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