Weekend Edit: Style #6 (the chatty edition)

weekend-edit-6Hello Friday – you made it! Anyone else have a tough week? Unfortunately no amount of makeup is going to camouflage the dark circles under my eyes, but a long weekend sure is going to help, at least in terms of catching up on sleep. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been running from pillar to post lately so I’m going to completely switch off from the things I should be doing and just face plant on my bed, or sofa (heck, anything horizontal and preferably soft).

So what’s been going on I hear you ask. Well I can finally share with you that Dylan and I will be moving back to Sydney – Yipee! Yep no windup, I don’t beat around the bush. It’s a good thing we both like mixing things up, as there’s so much organising to do. I think trying to coordinate everything is what I’m find really daunting, especially now that we’re planning a wedding. Plus we’ve both accumulated a lot of stuff over the 4 1/2 years we’ve lived in Brisbane and to make matters worse we need to find a place to move to and then there’s the issue of work as well. I’m sure things will be fine but I’m already preparing for a pretty thrifty few weeks – so expect to see a lot of wish lists.

Speaking of wishlists I’d love to add all any of the above to my wardrobe. For those of you who don’t live in Australia, it’s been a very slow start to winter. I could literally get away with wearing my summer wardrobe and not feel cold in the slightest. Those Karen Walker sunnies would go down a treat. If only money grew on trees, or if only I had a dollar every time I heard someone say that …

Oh onto other news, Dylan and I finally picked out our wedding bands. Yes we’ve been feeling pretty spendy lately! They’re being custom made, so we’re going to have to wait a while till we get them. That’s about the only planning we’ve really done, now that we’ve decided to move to Sydney.

Anyway enough about me, how are you all feeling? What’s been going on? Made any exciting purchases lately? Please share in the comments below. i love reading and responding to your comments.

I’ll catch you next week lovelies…  bed beckons. Enjoy your weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Edit: Style #6 (the chatty edition)

  1. I’m liking the chatty post! And I bet those custom-made bands will be gorgeous. I’ve been having a thrifty few weeks, too, but I did pick up a new t-shirt from J.Crew under the influence of Pink Peonies (here: https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/knitstees/shortsleevetees/PRDOVR~A6829/A6829.jsp?srcCode=AFFI00001&siteId=3S2TmRlrgJg-tKBlYeq39R8Chc*M%2FnBETQ) as well as another one of the L’Oreal infallible eyeshadows. They’re drugstore, but really good, as they don’t crease at all! Have a happy weekend!

    • Hey Alina 🙂 Thanks for the lovely feedback 🙂 I love the J.Crew T. Actually I love J.Crew in general! It’s a shame they mark up the cost for us Aussies 😦 I wish Madewell shipped out our way too. Do you shop there at all? I’ll occasionally check the website and drool. Finally, I’ve heard so many good things about the L’Oreal Infallible eyshadows. Unfortunately L’Oreal is a tad pricey here (not so drugstore if you ask me), which is why I’ll usually buy higher end as it’s not that much more expensive. Thanks for sharing btw! I’m living vicariously through others hehe, although I did make a sneaky purchase today (totally hopeless). Enjoy your weekend too!

      • I haven’t ever purchased anything from Madewell, no, but I do really like all of their stuff! I feel like I need to go to a physical store first and get a sense of how the clothes fit me. That’s funny about L’Oreal being more expensive in Australia. I think it’s similar to how Soap & Glory is considered “high street” in the UK, but it’s on the pricey side here!

  2. Oh wow – so many changes! 😀 We’ve had a super warm start to winter to, but in the last few days it’s gotten really cold.. We will be happy to have you here again 😉 and at least you have some big exciting goals up ahead! My June has been insane to, but not anything exciting unfortunately. Oh wells, I will hopefully become a master with concealer soon 😉 Do you get a long weekend this weekend? We do and I have to admit it’s my saviour atm! Hope your putting your feet up this Sunday! xo

    • Hey lovely! It sounds like we’ve both needed this long weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost over though 😦 My June has been insane too. Doesn’t help that I’m a procrastinator, hehe 🙂

      What’s been going on with you? Did you manage to find some time to relax a little? xx

  3. Moving + planning a wedding is going to be a lot of work but also it’s going to be so exciting for you! Sidney must be amazing too, I’m a little jelly heheh.
    Beautiful wishlist! If you find a money growing tree please share? 😋
    Hope you relaxed through your weekend ❤️ stay beautiful! Hugs🐰

    • We’re a little little ‘loco’ here:) So much to do in such little time but you’re right, it’s exciting! Sydney is our home and it will be nice to move back. We’re a pair of gypsy’s – always moving, lol. We had a long weekend here (so nice) but it’s back to work tomorrow. What exciting things did you get up to? xx

      • Heheh! I feel you guys. Tiger and I have a hard time staying for a while in the same city! I’ve never been to Sydney but I’ve always thought it is gorgeous. If only it was a little closer… 🙂
        I did and bought and decided lots of stuff in Spain! Will upload a vlog very soon. Also the wedding is 85% ready! I’m super thrilled with how it’s coming up. Have you started planning anything already? 😀

      • Come to Sydney!!!!! I can show you around and we can go shopping! hahaha 🙂 We need a money tree don’t you think, then we could fly and move to wherever 🙂 So happy everything is coming along nicely for the wedding. We have put the planning on hold until we move to Sydney which should happen by the end of July. We will have to fly down to find a place before then, and the there’s all the packing and reorganising and my birthday (woohoo) -gahh. So much to do!

      • When is your birthday? Must write it down so I won’t forget heheh.
        Yes, definitely! I must go to Sidney. In the next three years at most. First I’m trying to get Tiger in the mood to go to Los Angeles next year but after Japan this fall he is all savy-for-the-future like a squirrel lol. Maybe you could hop up and drop by Tokyo next september so we can take the Shibuya shopping district by storm!

      • Hehe, how exciting about your travel plans. Have you been to Japan before? I went about 2 years ago and loved every minute. I’ve also been to LA too but it’s not my thing. Definitely come to Sydney, hehe 🙂 yes it’s so far away but think of it as an adventure.

        My birthday is on the 3rd of July. And when is yours missy? xx

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