On upsizing

Scottish-Soap-Company-Au-Lait-Body-Milk-1When it comes to skincare and bodycare, I’m usually pretty set in my ways – I tend to repurchase the same products over and over *yawn* (why mess with what works, hey?). Admittedly this can be a tad boring at times, so I like experimenting by way of samples/mini products. In fact on reflection, 50% of my stash is probably made up of goods that first started off this way. Take my mini Au Lait Body Milk by The Scottish Fine Soaps Company for example. I received this bite sized mini with a beauty bag some months ago and have loved it so much I upsized within days.

I pretty much fell head over heels as soon as first I popped off the lid. I’ll admit it was the scent that first struck a chord but hand on heart the milk is so hydrating and has worked magic on my scaly legs. It contains Organic Milk Protein and Natural Silk, which both supposedly have anti-oxidising properties and it feels super indulgent. Although I’m not familiar with the brand, I’m keen to try more from this line. And what about the packaging? how could I not mention the adorable dairy-esque design? So lovely.

I’d love to know what products you’ve bought that started off as samples. Usually it’s a good sign you’re onto a winner, so I’d love to hear.

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9 thoughts on “On upsizing

  1. I love the packaging of these products! So simplistic but beautiful! I’ve heard of the Scottish Fine Soaps Company, but have never tried it (speaking of, I’d LOVE to go to Scotland one day!). Where were you able to find the full sizes? 🙂

  2. Oh, I love that photo of the tiny bottle next to the full-size bottle! So cute. As for me, I’m planning to purchase the full size of the Philosophy face wash soon; the mini size has lasted me for months but is nearing its end 🙂

    • Hey Alina, they’re very cute stacked up against each other:) It’s been a while since I picked up something from Philosophy but there’s a lovely fragrance that I can’t remember the name of, that I’m interested in 🙂

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