On the fence: Eyeko Skinny Liners

Eyeko-1Some months ago I raved about my mini sized sample of Eyeko Skinny liner (which I received as a freebie with a magazine). I didn’t care for Alexa Chung’s endorsement  (apparently this is her go to liner), rather I just thought it performed really well. With that being said, I decided that when I ran out of my sample I’d go ahead and purchase the full sized version. Fast forward several months and I picked up not one but two full sized liners (one in Navy Blue and the other in Black). I was adamant I’d love these full sized liners as much as I loved my mini sample and while I do (sort of), there’s just one problem.

As I mentioned earlier I have the shades Navy Blue and Black which are both perfect shades for my colouring (the black is somewhat soft and the navy is more of a black blue). The liner itself draws a very nice smooth line and it doesn’t budge all day, which for someone with oily hooded eyelids is incredible in itself. Of course I always use a primer so that helps too. I find that I have greater control with this liner than any other liner I’ve ever used and while I ‘m pretty terrible at applying liquid liner at the best of times,  I’ve somehow mastered the technique. I have the amazing felt tip nib to thank for that. It’s the perfect size –  not too thin, not too thick and on top of that it’s tapered, so it’s easy to go lighter or heavier, depending on my mood. I haven’t noticed any issues with it slipping or smearing either. So all in all I’m really very happy on these fronts.

Eyeko-2So with all the pros why am I on the fence? Well it’s pretty simple – the ink formula dries out really quickly (gah, so disappointing). I’ve had the liners for about two weeks now and I’m in a position where I have to store them upside down in a mug (to draw the ink down into the nib) but really after a few weeks, I shouldn’t have to do this. What I should have done is return the liners after I’d first bought them, as they were terrible from the get go. I’m not sure whether I got a bad batch but I’ve since looked at other reviews and have found that the ink issue seems to be a problem across the board. For that reason I won’t be picking these up again, and nor will I be recommending them to you, despite the fact that I love everything else about these liners.

So this is where you guys can help me out. If you have any suggestions for long lasting liquid liners let me know what they are and what you love about them. I’m seriously on the lookout for something similar, whether it be drugstore or luxury. I’d really appreciate your help.

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19 thoughts on “On the fence: Eyeko Skinny Liners

  1. Damn. I was getting all excited that I might be able to master a liner pen. I need something too. The new covergirl one is awful but I love the tip. It moves within minutes and isn’t black but grayish brown. Please do a post if you find something. I gotta come up with something in the next two weeks for my daughters prom

    • Ooh thank you! I’ve not hear of this liner. Hopefully they have it in my local Target (we don’t have the full range of Nyx products in Australia). I will keep an eye out. Thanks again ;:)

  2. The Stila stay-all-day liquid liner is hands-down the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. It doesn’t smudge, the felt tip is the perfect size, and I’ve had it for almost 3 months now and the pen shows no signs of drying out 🙂

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  4. I’ve used this eyeko one as well and I encountered the same problem. After a couple of weeks the liquid kind of gives out and you have to shake it almost like a pen thats running out of ink to get the product out. I also find the tip to be too hard and it tugs on my lids. You should try the physicians formula eye booster liquid eyeliner, its my HG (:

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