Disappointing Product: Benefit They’re Real Mascara


I’m usually not that picky about mascaras but with all the hype surrounding Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara you can’t blame my initial skepticism. I realise I’m late on the review, but I wanted to share my experiences with you and tell you why I was disappointed.

While the mascara is decent at lengthening, it tends to get quite clumpy especially if you’re going for the kill i.e multiple coats. It tends to smudge like a mofo too – no rubbing necessary (it’s my biggest gripe actually). After a few hours of wear I have a massive case of raccoon eyes which sounds cute but isn’t. Thing is, the mascara doesn’t come in a waterproof option, and while I don’t normally opt for a waterproof mascara, I feel like I’d need to with this formulation. This leads me to another gripe – the formula is too wet, and when it does dry, my lashes feel heavy and weighed down (see you later curl).

I guess the reason why I wanted to share my experiences with you was mainly because this is an expensive mascara ($38 AUD), At that price you’d want to make sure it ticked all the boxes. I’ve purchased a lot of mascaras in my time and this one didn’t wow me in any way, shape or form. Maybe I had a dud – who knows. Either way, there are far more superior options at the drugstore! Thank goodness this was a freebie.

Have you tried Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara?  If so, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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33 thoughts on “Disappointing Product: Benefit They’re Real Mascara

  1. I don’t like those type of silicone brushes so I never gave it a whirl.. I have heard of others layering it on top of other black mascaras (more volumising ones) so maybe it’s worth giving that a go so it doesn’t go to waste? But I do agree, for that price it should work well on it’s own!

    • I dislike the silicone brushes too – I’ve poked my eye way too many times already. I’ve tried the layering technique (eg in conjunction with my regular mascara) but I just don’t like it. I’ll continue to use it but won’t purchase a full size. Lucky is was a sample/freebie 🙂 Totally not my type of mascara. It’s a shame cause it was so hyped. Nothing like testing things out for yourself 🙂

  2. I can’t do those molded wands, especially with long spikes like that. I always end up scratching my waterline with it or worse yet – poking myself in the eye. So even if it was the best mascara in the world for results, I would likely hate it anyway 😉 But good to know I’m not missing out on anything!

    • I’ve worked out I can’t do the silicone wand either – I’ve poked my eye way too many times 😦 I’d initally mentioned this in my post but just before publishing took the paragraph out (I felt I was being too negative hehe) This mascara is totally not worth the hype and you’re definitely not missing out. So far I haven’t really got on with the Benefit products I’ve tried, aside from their Gimme Brow (which I love). Perhaps I’m just not trying the right things – who knows 🙂

  3. Totally agree! I had the same issues, I think it might be better after it dries out? But seriously a mascara with that price tag should be good from the get go. I was disappointed with it too!

    • Thanks Judy – I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way 🙂 So many bloggers/vloggers raved about this mascara when it came out. I guess there’s nothing like testing it out yourself I can’t get over how expensive it is either – totes not worth it 🙂

      • Me too! I wondered what all the hype was about after it didn’t work out for me. But thats great for those it did work for. I’m happy using my drugstore mascaras that hold my curl though 🙂

  4. I had no problem with the mascara or the wand, but i never buy it because I can get similar results with other mascaras. Once you perfect your application technique then I find they are all kinda the same!

    • That’s a good point, why would someone by it if they got similar results with other mascaras? I guess I was just expecting more from this mascara. At $38 (AUD) it just didn’t float my boat 🙂 Thanks for popping by lovely 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the honest review!! I’ve heard this product hyped-up on countless blogs and websites and in videos. It sounds downright awful, to tell you the truth. Another mascara to avoid: The Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. I bought it after reading an Into the Gloss feature with Liv Tyler. Big mistake! The squeeze thing at the end of the tube (does it even have a real name?!) doesn’t work, meaning huge globs of mascara end up all over the brush, down the side of the tube, on your eyelashes, and on your face!

    • Thanks Alina. I thought I might get a bit of backlash about my opinion but surprisingly several readers aren’t fans either. At the end of the day all I can be is honest, and this is definitely a lousy mascara – I was expecting much more. Thanks for the heads up about the Clinique mascara. Can’t say I’ve heard of it but I will definitely steer clear. Sounds like a dud too 🙂

    • Hey Von, it’s nice hearing I’m not alone on this one. I’ve tried using the mascara alone and layered with other mascaras in all sort of ways…pretty sure it just doesn’t work for me, hehe. Drugstore options are just so great don’t you think?

    • I’m so glad I got this as a sample. I’d be so disappointed if I’d paid for it. Totally not worth the hype. While it’s good to try new things it’s good to play it safe also. Have a lovely Easter break 🙂

  6. OH MY GOSH! This makes me so sad! They’re Real is my favorite mascara and I hate that you didn’t like it! I’ll pay the price for it two-fold I love it so much. Maybe try a full-size and see if it does better?

  7. Interesting that it smudges on you. this is the one I go for when I need to be 100% sure no smudging happens. I never apply more than one coat, that might be the diff?

  8. Oh, it’s great that at least you didn’t have to pay to get that grose effect. To be honest I wanted to try it for the long time, but couldn’t get my hands on it. In the end I gave up and forgot about it.
    I know it is sometimes hard to express a negative opinion about products, so I apreceate your honest review a lot!

    • Yes so true, actually it’s difficult to express an opinion in general – certain products work for some people and not for others. I always recommend people try the products for themselves if they can 🙂 I think I just really don’t like these new silicone brushes. I just don’t like how they separate my lashes and make them look spiky. Conventional brushes is where its at for me. Thanks for your kind words as always 🙂 x

  9. Yeah I finally bought it as a treat to myself as an expensive mascara but I was so disappointed, my eyelashes just look clumpy like i’ve gone overkill on something cheap and horrible. Best mascara I can find is Soap and Glorys Thick and Fast!

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