Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

chanel-perfection-lumiere-velvet-foundation-1It’s been a while since I wrote a post about a base product, so I thought I’d give it a shot today. Say hello to my new bestie – Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (CPLV). I received a sample of this foundation several weeks ago and loved it so much I ran went out and bought a full sized bottle. CPLV is said to be a sister product to Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere (albeit lighter and sheerer). To me it looks and behaves a lot more like it’s sister from another mister – Chanel Vitalumière Aqua (the main difference being the finish – velvet v’s dewy). I have combination-oily skin, so it’s pretty obvious I was going to love this foundation as it caters for my skin concerns.

Formula: CPLV is described as a lightweight, oil free fluid foundation (with an SPF of 15). It’s been formulated for normal-oily skins in mind but is suitable for all skin types really. The foundation is water-like in texture and very airy.  You’ll want to shake the bottle vigorously so as to activate the formula. While I’ll touch more on application later, I will add that when applied to the skin the foundation morphs from a runny fluid to a gorgeous velvet texture. Within seconds skin looks smooth and perfected – I’m guessing those soft-focus pigments might have something to do with it (I’m not complaining, trust me). In terms of texture, it’s beautifully weightless and almost undetectable on the skin (seriously WOW!). The staying power is great for a base that feels so skin-like, however it does show wear as the day goes by. Despite doing a great job at keeping shine at bay I still like to use a powder on a my t-zone.

chanel-perfection-lumiere-velvet-foundation-2Packaging: CPLV comes packaged in a sleek black bottle that contains the same amount of product as the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua (30ml). While Chanel enthusiasts may not like the plastic bottle, personally I’m a huge fan – it’s much more compact and convenient and therefore travel friendly.

Application: It’s worthwhile noting that CPLV is a light-medium coverage foundation, that is somewhat buildable. Having said that if you’re a full coverage kind of girl/guy, you might want to skip this. Chanel recommends using your fingers to apply the product and I find this method works best for me too. As with all my bases I apply from the center of my face and work outwards. I might dab more product over specific ares that may need a bit more lovin, but otherwise I use my corrector and concealer on problems areas (hello under-eye bags). One thing I will add is that I highly recommend wearing a primer underneath as well as a moisturiser (CPLV does have the tendency to cling to dry patches). I top off with a bit of powder too (I have an oily t-zone), although it’s not necessary if you’re more on the normal side of oily.

Scent: As with all Chanel products there is a light floral/fruity scent, which dissipates after use. I like the scent personally but if you have sensitivities the scent may be an issue.

chanel-perfection-lumiere-velvet-foundation-4Shades: There are 8 shades to choose from however the shades choices vary depending on what part of the globe you’re from. I purchased the Shade 30, although at the time I could have gone for shade 20 (my shade in Chanel Vitalumière Aqua). On me it was a much of a muchness. The foundation didn’t oxidise on me, however I recommend getting a sample or getting swatched at the counter, as I can’t confirm whether or not it will oxidise on you.

Price: At $77 (AUD) this is a pricey foundation so you really want to make sure you test the product and get colour matched.

Final Verdict: I adore this foundation – period! If you have normal-oily skin I think you’ll love this product too, particularly if you’re after a light coverage foundation that looks and feels natural on the skin. CPLV feels super lightweight and I almost have to do a double take because it looks so fresh and natural, even up close in front of a mirror.

If you’ve tried this foundation I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Pop your comments down below.

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21 thoughts on “Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

  1. What a comprehensive, complete review! Very useful ❤️. I haven’t tried this, (I think my last Chanel foundation was matt lumiere compact? Maybe?) but I should go and check it out, it seems to me it would be a perfect spring/summer foundation. PS: Hope everything’s going great! Hugs ❤

  2. This foundation sure does sound like a winner! Seems like it would be a good match for me, too. But man, they really jack up the price there in Australia! Over here in the States it’s $45, which is still hefty, but not nearly as bad.

    • Tell me about it. I cry a little every time I catch sight of what you guys pay for the same goods. It’s beyond ridiculous. The foundation is so lovely though, especially if you’re on the normal-oily side. I’ve been reaching for it every day – love it!

  3. I still didn’t spot it at Croatia, but your review makes it very tempting for me. The way you described it makes me think it could be somehow similar to Healthy mix serum (Bourjois). Does it remind you of it at all in the way of texture & effect?

    • Actually the Chanel Perefction Lumiere Velvet is nothing like the Healthy Mix serum as it’s a (semi)matte formula. It goes on a liquid but it dries to a velvety almost powdery texture. I find the Healthy Mix Serum much more dewy on me. I love them both for verry different reasons but this matte/velvet finish is new to me and so far I’m loving it 🙂

      • Then, I was totaly wrong. To be honest, this matte/velvet finish is also something new to me, can’t really imagine how would it look like on me. Thank you so much for the comparison 🙂

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