Weedkend Edit: Style #4

weekend-edit-4Yay for Friday! I’ve made it through the week – relatively unscathed. It’s been a hectic week and to say I’m glad it’s Friday is an understatement. I’ve got a few projects going on simultaneously and I feel like I’m running against the clock. I need to get things done and dusted before the Easter break so there’s no room for slacking off at the moment.

The beauty ban has gone well but I may have rewarded myself with a small little something-something now that the ban has been lifted (more on that next week). Style wise I’ve done a little bit of window shopping (from the comfort of my lounge) and wile I’m feeling inspired I just haven’t had the time or energy to physically get out there and try things on. With that being said this post is dedicated to what I’ve been loving this week. As usual mono shades reign supreme.

I hope your all have a lovely weekend. Anyone up to anythng exciting? No doubt I’ll be catching up on some sleep and work 🙂 Mmmm sleep 🙂

1. Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag 2. Loose waves and off the shoulder 3. Celine sunglasses 4. Nomia Cropped Short Sleeve Shirt 5. Jeans and flats 6. Pamela Love Five-Spike Stud Earrings, Rose Golden

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7 thoughts on “Weedkend Edit: Style #4

    • Hey Christiana, thanks for letting me know. All fixed now but I’m not sure how it’s going to compare price-wise. This is another product that won’t ship to Australia – maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, who knows 🙂

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