Budget Buy: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Colour

Rimmel-Salon-Pro-1The problem with waiting for a script when you’re in Priceline is that it’s easy to pick up a few ‘extra bits’ that you had no intention of picking up. I liken it to the chocolate/sweets on display at the supermarket checkout.

A few weeks ago I was in this predicament and ended up at the Rimmel display. Somehow I got caught up looking at the nail polishes. I admit I didn’t stand a chance with the 20% off banner staring back at me – the deal was pretty much sealed.

When it comes to nail polish I generally opt for budget friendly options. There are two reasons for this, one being I have terrible talons and two, budget options are great. I picked up the shade Chic and Cheerful (710) a gorgeous muted lavender grey – as you all know I love my greys. While the polish itself is a little thicker than what I prefer the brush is perfect. It’s nice and short and with one foul swoop I can cover my whole nail, thumbs included.

Supposedly the nail polish is said to be chip resistant for 10 days which I think is a bit of a stretch but I will say the polish lasts a good week on me, with the aid of a base and top coat. I need two coats to get an opaque coverage, which I think is pretty standard. The finish is nice and gel like, which as you all know is all the rage at the moment. While it’s not a gel polish it does vaguely resemble the finish. Overall I’m really impressed with these polishes and I’m already looking at picking up a couple of extra shades – I’m looking at you Soul Session (237) and Classical Red (706).

Have you tried any of the shades from this range? What shades would you recommend to a noob?

*Rimmel Salon Pro are currently on offer at Priceline. I paid $7.16 (RRP $8.95)

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13 thoughts on “Budget Buy: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Colour

  1. I almost bought the Teal color Rummel has but I didn’t because I figured they would just be more of the same crap I’d bought before but I couldn’t get the color out of my head. I’ll go buy it now that someone had recognized this brand. Now watch I’ll never find that color again lol

      • Ah, don’t worry… Mine were quite mediocre (chic) to begin with. I find they tend to get better the more you fiddle around with them – if that makes any sense. Try the Essie apricot thingy (exact name evades me) for extra nourishment and pampering. Recently bought it and it’s preety darn good! XOXO

    • It’s a really lovely shade Claire – somewhere between a grey and lavender. I find these shades to be really pretty as the weather cools down – as it has been here in Australia πŸ™‚ Happy Easter btw πŸ™‚

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