My tips for perfect lips

lip-tricks-1I love wearing bright lip shades but of course that means I need to keep my lips in tip top shape. The key to achieving the perfect pout is pretty simple in my opinion. Of course there are all sorts of products flooding the market, but I generally stick to the basics which I will share with you in this post. These are my fail safe tips and comprise of only a handul of steps. So here they are:

Step1. Exfoliate lips
You’re going to want to exfoliate your lips at least twice a week. I like the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub but you can make your own (I just happen to be really lazy). There are literally hundreds of DIY’s online, so have a browse if your on a budget or can’t get your hands on a scrub.

Step 2. Use a nourishing lipbalm
Remember to always follow exfoliation with lashings of balm. I use my Velvet lip balm (not pictured). It’s not too dissimilar to the Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm which seems to be popular amongst beauty enthusiasts/bloggers so I thought I’d mention it. Just remember that you’ll want to use something theats super nourishing/hydrating. Speaking of balms apply as often as you can particularly when you’re not wearing lipstick and especially before your about to head to bed.

Step 4. Use a nude lipliner
If your lips aren’t particularly defined, and you experience bleeding when your apply lipstick I’d recommend using a liner. Liners help define the lip shape, extend the longevity of your lipstick as well as alter and amend the shape of your lips. My suggestion is to go for a liner that mimics the colour of your natural lip colour particularly when going for aΒ  bright shade. If you’re going for a nude lipstick opt for a liner that is slightly deeper than your natural shade. Remember to always soften the edges of your liner as the last thing you want to see it a defined outline.

Step 4. Choose your formula and colour
In terms of lipstick we all have our favourite formulas so pick whatever tickles your fancy. My personal favourites are a more matte finish, like the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets (pictured are La Diva and La Malicieuse).Β  I steer clear of anything metallic, frosty or shimmery as I feel they make my lips appear smaller than they are. Creamy and balmy finishes are great as they have lots of moisture and moisture is great as it deflects light, which in turn makes the lips appear fuller. There are no strict rules in terms of picking colours and finishes – my only advice is to consider your natural colouring and personal preferences and experiment, experiment, experiment.

Step 5. Application
When you’ve done the above and have found a shade and formula that you love, start applying your lipstick from the center of the lips and blend out towards the corners of your mouth. Don’t worry if your make mistakes – just remove any mishaps with a bit of makeup remover. After applying lipstick I like to press my lips together to distribute the colour. I’ll then blot my lips with a tissue (this step creates a base or foundation for the lipstick) and then lightly reapply. I find that reapplying a second light coating diffuses the colour a little and makes my lipstick look more natural, if your know what I mean. If you’re wearing a super bright shade remember to do the ‘finger in mouth trick’ so you don’t get any residual colour on your teeth.

And that’s pretty much it – pretty simple steps to a perfect pout. If you have any tips you’d like please share in the comments below.

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