Weekend Edit: Style #3

fashion-inspiration-3This weekend I’m on a strict diet of no shopping. I may have gone ‘slightly’ over budget with some beauty bits and bops so I’m going to be a pauper for a while. With that being said I’m still compiling bits and pieces for my autumn/winter dream wardrobe. The ripped jeans and leather jacket are still there but I’ve added a few additions – I’m really loving Zara’s spring collection as well as & Other stories’s but of course neither store ships to Australia. Perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise.

Okay, that wraps it up – it’s Friday everybody! Have a lovely weekend and to my new followers hello and welcome. Thanks for all your lovely comments as always and I’ll catch you next week!

1. Zara Mini neoprene bucket bag 2, The perfect leather jacket 3. & Other stories Bar earings 4. Country Road Felt ruffle skit 5. & Other stories Pointed-toe flats 6. Loafers + ripped jeans

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Edit: Style #3

  1. Ai, ai, ai! Had never heard of ‘& Other Stories’ before, but there’s so much stuff on the website that I love (ps. I blame you for that ;)). Unfortunately they don’t deliver to Greece either… Now, quick, let’s put our heads together and think – what friends do we have in those delivery countries?? 😛

    • Hehe… I don’t know whether to say sorry or your welcome, lol. So many gorgeous things huh? It’s a damn shame they don’t deliver worldwide. I think you’re onto something with your master plan, hehe. Thanks for dropping by!

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