Chanel La Malicieuse (46)

Chanel-MelodieuseYou know you’re frequenting the Chanel counter a little too often when they start sending you invitations (I deserve a slap on the hand, really I do). At the moment Chanel is really bringing it and while I adore other luxury brands  I seem to be under some sort of Chanel spell. Anyway, this came home with me a few weeks ago.

Some of you may know that I’m completly  enamoured with Chanel lipsticks particularly the Rouge Allure line. If you’re a regular reader of my posts you know that of all the Chanel lipstick formulas Rouge Allure Velvets are my absolute favourite, followed closely by the regular Rouge Allure line.

I passed on picking up La Malicieuse when the Variation collection first launched. At the time I dismissed it because it wasn’t floating my boat. I remember only having eyes for the darker, more berry tones.

The other week I happened to pass by La Malicieuse a second time. I gave it a swatch and the rest as they say is history. I can’t believe I’d overlooked this shade the first time round. I remember thinking it was similar to other corals and that maybe it would lean orange on my pigmented lips. Funnily enough it actually leaned more pink.

Chanel-Melodieuse-2La Malicieuse is the ultimate Spring shade, but seeing as it’s never really too cold where I live (no snow or super blistering winds), it’s a shade I imagine sporting throughput the year, irrespective of season. It’s just so easy and comfortable to wear plus it livens my face – and who doesn’t love a little brightening?

If you’re a fan of reddish corals, La Malicieuse is definitely worth checking out. I’m not sure whether or not this is a limited edition shade but snap to it if the shade appeals to you. As a side note there was another shade I’d planned on picking up that day but it wasn’t available at the time. That might have been a blessing, who knows. Watch this space though as I’m weak at the best of times. No doubt it will pop up in a post soon.

What’s your favourite shade for brightening up your complexion?

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17 thoughts on “Chanel La Malicieuse (46)

    • It’s a gorgeous shade and feels lovely on the lips. It’s full coverage, goes on a creamy and wears well. While it’s creamy at first I find if I blot and layer the wear time is extended. Typically I get about 3-4 hours of wear but after that it leaves a nice stain. You will get transfer straight after the first application as it takes time to bind to your lips but the longer you wear it the more matte it looks and feels. It doesn’t feel drying on my lips either. Definitively one to check out… you want to make sure it’s kissing approved 🙂

    • It’s such a pretty shade 🙂 On me it definitely leans more pink than coral. So I would say it’s not a true coral. It’s kind of like a lighter version of Maybelline’s Shocking Coral but in a different finish of course.Hope that was helpful 🙂

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