New autumn lipstick: Chanel L’Amoureuse (47)

Chanel-L'Amoureuse-1I’ve said it many a time, lipsticks for me are like accessories and nothing beats the power of a strong lip colour. With that being said I treated myself to a new lippie the other day – Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet  L’Amoureuse (47) from the Variation Collection.

Chanel-L'AmoureuseL’Amoureuse is described as an intense rosewood.  On me it appears more like a deep plum-toned rose. It’s not typically a shade I’d go for, but with Autumn on the horizon I thought it would look pretty with my preferred minimal makeup look  (light base, understated winged liner, lashings of mascara and light dusting of blush).

I have to say I’m really loving the Rouge Allure Velvet line. While I’m fairly new to this formulation (I also own La Diva) they’re quickly becoming my favourite formula. L’Amoureuse has a gorgeous velvety matte finish that feels smooth on application. It isn’t drying (thank goodness) and my lips feel hydrated, don’t chap and the formula lasts a good 4 hours before it becomes more of a stain. Unlike La Diva this shade doesn’t have a white base.


Overall I’m very smitten with my new Rouge Allure Velvet lippie and know I will get a lot of wear out of it as the weather cools down. At the moment we’re still battling 35 degree days where I am, so Autumn is still a while away (unfortunately).

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32 thoughts on “New autumn lipstick: Chanel L’Amoureuse (47)

    • Yes, it’s so pretty. I’m really loving Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet formula and this shade is really lovely. I don’t have anything like this, so it’s a nice one to have it in my collection. Can’t wait to wear it more…. I’m still wearing a lot of summer shades as it’s till very warm here 🙂 Has spring sprung in Croatia?

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