New in & first impressions: Benefit Agent Zero Shine & Gimme Brow


The other week  I was casually walking through my local Myer beauty hall when for whatever reason I headed over the Benefit counter. I’m not sure what caught my eye as I’m not normally drawn to the brand. I think the last time I bought a Benefit product was probably 5-10 years ago – a very long time ago indeed. Anyway, I must have been feeling a little whimsical because several minutes later I walked away with a few goodies. Here’s what I picked up and what I thought …

First up we have Agent Zero Shine an all in one anti-shine powder system. Each shaker style unit contains 7gm/0.24 oz of product and costs $44 AUD. At first I thought it would be a little fiddly to use but in practice it was a cinch. The powder and brush are both attached to the unit and are accessible via the twist open function (that also locks the product into place). The packaging is quite novel but there’s nothing new here when you think about it. If anything it’s missing a mirror (like you’d get with a compact) so it seems Benefit has just reinvented the wheels here. Still it’s fun and a little novel, if that’s your thing.


Supposedly Agent Zero Shine compliments the hugely popular POREfessional primer (although it can be used alone too). I’m not familiar with POREfessional primer, but I’ve heard that my Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer is comparable (plus it’s a lot cheaper). Benefit claims the powder will mattify the skin, perfect pores, keep shine at bay and provide an invisible finish. Overall I agree with most of these claims however there was one claim that I thought was misleading, and it’s a biggie. Agent zero shine, is only ‘temporarily’ agent zero shine – you still need to touch up whenever shine returns. Call me naive but I thought zero shine meant zero shine, and not ‘zero shine but you’ll need to touch up throughout the day’. I’m really not a fan of misleading product claims especially when they’re used in the product name. Lesson learned – always read the fine print my friends. Before I digress, don’t get me wrong. This is a lovely powder that I enjoy using but if it’s not ‘zero shine’, it’s not really unique in any way. If I’m honest I doubt it will top my compact and/or blotting sheets but I will continue to use it nevertheless. I think it’s a product you really need to pair with a pore refining primer in order to experience the full benefits. Overall a nice product but not as ‘magical’ as I thought.Benefit-4

In addition to Agent Zero Shine I also picked up Gimme Brow. As some of you know from my previous brow post I tend to use a pencil for my brows so I was really curious to see how this gel-hybrid would fair. Gimme Brow claims to be water resistant, buildable and long wearing and I’m going to agree on all three points. It retails for $32 AUD which is a little steep, but if you’re going to treat yourself, this is a great product. I picked up the shade light/medium – a soft but not too warm brown that happens to be a great match for my brows. The product is also available in medium/deep for darker brows.

The wand is small and reminds me of the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. On inspection, I don’t see any fibers but supposedly they’re there. Application is quick and easy – much like using any brow gel. I simply stroked the product on (focusing on my sparse areas – tip and arch) and hey presto, beautiful full brows. My tip for building volume is to use the tip of the brush and go back and forth to add further volume and colour.

I love this product and so do my brows. Gimme Brow does what it claims to do and I think it would really benefit those of you with thin brows especially if you’re trying to grow them out. Benefit-5 In addition to the products I purchased, I also received this cute makeup bag and sample size bottle of Benetint as a gift with purchase. I love samples and I’ve gotta say I usually only purchase products when it’s gift time. This is my way of showing a little self restraint when I’m feeling impulsive (but I want it now scenario) and it seems to work for me.

Overall I’m happy with both of my purchases, with Gimme Brow being my favourite of the two. Have you tried either of these products before?

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10 thoughts on “New in & first impressions: Benefit Agent Zero Shine & Gimme Brow

  1. Yeah, I think Agent Zero Shine is more of a whimsical name, than true promise. Benefit appears to really like giving cutesy names for their products 🙂
    I’ve been curious about Gimme Brow, but I just can’t envision myself spending so much on a brow mascara… Maybe if I could try it first. But Sephora stores in Portugal are horrible. The assistants are so pushy (I just know they’re gonna try to convince me to get my eyebrows waxed) and it’s always so hot in there (I think they use display lamps that heat up a lot), I don’t trust to buy anything from there. I go to swatch though 😀
    Either way, I’m a big fan of powders for eyebrows 🙂 I generally don’t care much for pencils in makeup. They all feel too rough on my skin, even the softest ones. I even line eyes with powders, including winged style liners. I like the softer look of it too.

    • Wow the assistants at Sephora sound really pushy – do they earn a commission on their sales? Just stand your ground…and swatch all you like 🙂 You don’t have to buy anything. As for pencils, shadows and gels for brows… i still haven’t made up my mind. Oh and Gimme Brow is pricey, perhaps a little too pricey as you don’t get much product.

  2. Very tempted to try GimmeBrow after reading your review! I’m between that and the Anastasia tinted brow gel, have you tried it? Reviews say it’s wonderful but it’s also expensive and kind of hard to find online!

    • Gimme Brow is a great product. It’s pricey though, so if you’re feeling indulgent I’d recommend it. I haven’t been able to try Anastasia products. They’re not sold locally and I’ve been put off buying beauty from abroad as I’ve had a few packages go missing. I’m curious now that you’ve mentioned it 🙂

      • Anastasia is recommended by almost every beauty guru out there, but it is kinda expensive and I would have to get it shipped to me as well so…I think I will probably go and get some Gimme Brow. 😛

      • Yeah Anastasia products seem to be getting a lot of attention from beauty bloggers/enthusiasts. Might think about trying some of the brow products down the track 🙂

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