February 2014 Beauty Favourites

February-14-Favourites-1So with February done and dusted it’s time to share my monthly favourites. I don’t have all that much to share with you but for the purposes of this post here are the products I loved over the past month. Some of the them are recent acquisitions and others have been things I’ve forgotten about and recently rediscovered.

Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Oil: During it’s hey day I was one of the few people that wasn’t overly impressed with this product. It seemed to irritate my skin, and despite the fact that I loved the scent I struggled using it. In the end it got lost in amongst other products, until recently that is. I’ve been mixing it in with my Trilogy Rosehip Oil this time round. While I wouldn’t say it’s boosted the performance of my Rosehip oil (it’s already awesome as it is) it had added a relaxing lavender scent to the mix.

February-14-Favourites-6Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara: This is my new go-to mascaras for lashes with a bit of oomph. The formulation creates mega-volume and drama without the flaking or clumpiness. I’m sure there are other mascara out there that do just as good a job, but for me personally this mascara exceeds my expectations every time.

February-14-Favourites-3Dior Rosy Glow Blush: Words can’t describe my adoration for this blush. It’s perfect on every level. Don’t be scared by the bright colour as it’s sheer and buildable. It honestly imparts a lovely glow and is totally feeding my pink addiction, which I seem to have had for some time now. Absolutely no buyers remorse.

February-14-Favourites-2Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream: Definitely a product to look into it if you have dry, flaking cuticles. Love the formula, the light citrus scent and texture. Great stuff that really works a treat and it’s a bargain too.

February-14-Favourites-4Chanel Rouge Allure Fougueuse: I get a real kick out of using this gorgeous lippie from Chanel. Fougueuse is such a gorgeous bright (yet delicate) pink that’s as intense as it is long lasting. Rouge Allure’s offer stunning pigmentation and longevity and I’ve literally worn this droolworthy shade everyday.  A firm favourite from the Notes de Printemps collection and if I’m honest, much more wearable than La Diva.


I’d love to hear what some of your favourite products were during February? Please share in the comments below.

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