Weekend Edit: Eat Street Markets

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I’d gone to a new night market called Eat Streets Markets. It’s Brisbane’ only shipping container-based market and it’s somewhat comparable to a South-East Asian night market. Think warm nights, the aroma of food and lots, and lots of people. There’s also lots of entertainment going on and overall it’s just a nice place to catch up and unwind with friends or family, especially after a long week.

EatStreet-1The markets are held at Hamilton Wharf (Brisbane) and operate every Friday and Saturday evening from 4pm to 10pm. We arrived as the sun was setting, so we experienced a very pretty backdrop as we feasted on a smorgasbord of goodies.

EatStreet-3EatStreet-2I wish we’d taken more pics of the delicious food we ate, but we were completely ravenous. When we weren’t eating we were dodging crowds or enjoying the bands and other entertainment. I guess we got lost in the moment, which was nice. I did manage to take a pic of a delicious Wagyu Beef skewer (see above). Let’s just say, it didn’t last very long. The Banh Mi in the same pic, was equally as delicious. Other food highlights included yummy Korean sliders and Okonomiyaki.
EatStreet-6EatStreet-5If you’re ever in Brisbane, this is a really fun market for the food lover. It’s set in a nice part of town and if you’re coming in from the city, you can catch the CityCat (ferry), which makes for a great night out.

Let me know if you like these sort of posts. I’d like to include the odd non-beauty or fashion post, so let me know what your thoughts are. Have an amazing weekend everybody, and as always thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.

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