Budget buy: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

burts-bees-lemon-butter-cuticle-cream-1Over the past fortnight, in an effort to rehabilitate my peeling week cuticles (and fingertips), I’ve been religiously using Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. While I would have loved to have splurged on Dior’s ‘Crème Abricot’ Nail Cream, common sense prevailed. Burt’s Bees offering wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. Here’s what I thought…

First, let talk about the scent. I’m partial to citrus scents (especially lemon scents). There’s the good and then there’s the not-so-good type. Thankfully this one falls in the former category. The waft of lemon is really refreshing and invigorating but not in an overpowering (antiseptic) sort of way. The scent reminds me of sherbert lemon lollies, if any of you remember those. It’s nice, ‘zingy’ and lush all round.

burts-bees-lemon-butter-cuticle-cream-2The texture is a little gummy at first however once it warms up it takes just a few minutes to soften and absorb into the skin. I take my ring finger, swirl it around the tin and massage it into the cuticles… and hey presto, happy cuticles. In terms of size, the tin is small and compact. It closes securely and easily, and I don’t have to worry about being precious with it when I throw it in my bag. Best of all the product is 100% natural and contains lovely ingredients like sweet almond oil, beeswax and cocoa butter, which together, help nourish my cuticles.

burts-bees-lemon-butter-cuticle-cream-3I can see this little tin lasting quite a while, as I’ve barely made a dent in it. The product sit’s under $15 AU and you really get your money’s worth. Before I forget, it’s worth noting the lot number stamped on the tin when purchasing – you’ve got about 3 years of shelf life from that date.

Overall, this delicious cuticle butter cream works like a charm. It’s effective and is a natural solution to dry cuticles and cracked fingertips. My nails and cuticles feel softer, are more pliable and have stopped peeling. I don’t know what I didn’t buy it sooner.

Have you tried Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream?

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Lemon Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate & Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Rosemary Extract, Beta Carotene

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4 thoughts on “Budget buy: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

  1. I’ve only tried the infamous lipbalm by Burt’s Bees, are there other must haves from the brand? (Aside of this little cream I mean, luckily I have no problems with my hands! 😋) lovely photos btw!

    • Actually, prior to purchasing the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream I hadn’t tried anything other than the infamous lipbalm too (which I don’t really like to be honest). Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comment 🙂

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