Beauty: Atelier Versace Spring 2014


When I first saw pics of Atelier Versace Spring 2014 show I knew I wanted to recreate the makeup look. As you can see, this look is all about eyes and MUA extraordinaire, Pat McGrath, went to town. The look has a ‘grungy Grace Jones vibe’ with it’s hint of bronze, gold and brown shades, however it really comes to life with the pop of electric blue in the inner corners.

This is sophisticated grunge at it’s best and I want in. While I’m not big on the falsies, I’d probably add a few smaller individual lashes, to add some volume. Some of you might also know that I’m a nude lip newbie, however I’m willing to put that aside given I love this look so much.

What are your thought?


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10 thoughts on “Beauty: Atelier Versace Spring 2014

  1. I love the combination of blue and golden, but on the other had, I’d maybe skip the black eyeliner under eye because it makes your eyes look smaller. I’d use nude or champagne colour instead, so the eyes looked larger, and in that case, no false lashes are needed. And then again, I love how natural looking are the eyebrows of the model, and lipstick is also something I’d choose for myself. So, my conclusion is: I love the look, but with just tiny difference, I’d like it even more.

    • I totally agree. The blue and bronze combination is gorgeous. It’s very much a look that’s open to modification to suit our own prefernces…. That’s what I like about it. It’s inspiring and I’m glad you loved the look 🙂

      • I maybe forgot the best thing about this look: it looks real. I’m so tired of poor photoshoped pictures, airbrushed & artificial brows and eyemakeup with a ton of eyeshadow. Oh, I dont like false lashes either, but I can stand them. So the most beautiful thing at this look is that really looks like it was created by human hands, all the creativity is visible and it is actually wearable (with slight modifications and for a special occasion, of course).

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