Dior Rosy Glow

Dior-rosy-glow-1I did something a little whimsical over the weekend. After much deliberation I relented and finally procured the covetable Dior Rosy Glow. I’d been eying it for some months, and although I didn’t really need it, my desire to have it peaked when the Dior MUA insisted I try a little. My initial hesitation arose because I couldn’t decide between it and NARS’s blush in Gaiety. I remember the first time I saw Rosy Glow. I’ve always thought it looked a little too ‘cotton candy’ for my liking. Although the swatches I’d seen (mostly online) grew on me, I was unsure how this remarkably cool toned fuchsia (with it’s hint of lavender), would sit on my complexion. Despite my olive undertones, the Dior MUA insisted I try it on, and just like that, with one one fell swoop, my reluctance flew out the window. I knew I had to have it. I haven’t had this sort of reaction to a product in a long time. That, coupled with the fact, that there was only had one left in stock, saw me hand over my credit card quick smart –  weak, I know.

Dior-rosy-glow-2According to Dior, Rosy Glow includes Fresh Color Reveal, a technology that makes the blush adjust to your coloring. Essentially what you’re left with is a tailor-made rosy radiance that matches (and therefore compliments) your skin tone. The glow it gives is really ethereal, like you’re lit from within. It’s really unlike anything I’ve tried before. The texture and pigment is so fine that it’s almost undetectable on the skin. This is why it’s such a pleasure to wear. It honestly imparts a luminous sheen, despite not having any shimmer. As for the packaging, it’s stunning, sublime even, but you expect that from Dior.

Dior-rosy-glow-3While results very (depending on your skin tone), I ended up with a very pretty soft pink flush, which is exactly what I was hoping for. On average it lasts a good 8+ hours on me  (maybe even more), and it’s by far the most natural looking blush in my collection. In fact it’s quickly become my preferred blush of all time and even knocked my (newish) Bobbi Brown Apricot blush off it’s perch – it’s all a tad ruthless, isn’t it?

What I will add, is that the colour does intensify over time, despite the sheer texture. My advice is to tread lightly with your application, at least until you feel acquainted with how it performs and reacts to your skintone – the last thing you want to do is end up looking like a kewpie doll, unless of course that’s the look you’re trying to achieve. As an added note, the product is scented (with rose) which I find I’m liking more and more these days.

Rosy Glow has become something I reach for eagerly every day and having lusted over it for so long I’m glad its now found a new abode in my makeup stash. Thought?

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9 thoughts on “Dior Rosy Glow

  1. Oh, I wanted this blush so much as it was introduced, but I was among that unlucky group on whose face it changes to peachy colour. Pity because this shade looks perfect for formal looks. Lucky you that it keeps its original shade on your face after applying!

      • What is more, I actually prefer peachy blushes, but I fell in love with this light rosy shade and wanted exactly something like this in my collection! But later, I found something similar at Artdeco’s Dita von Tese collection, that actually does not change colour after applying. But it’s not so beautifully packed as Dior’s.

      • I’m not familiar with Artdeco products (they’re not available here) but I’m glad you found a close enough colour match/dupe 🙂 and I totally agree, Dior’s packaging is exquisite 🙂

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