The nails have it: L’Oreal Color Riche

L'Oreal-color-riche-6I’ve already featured these polishes in my 2013 favourites but thought I would dedicate an entire post to them. While I’d love to show you swatches of all three shades, I’m going to be honest and say that I rarely wear nail polish on my fingernails. Despite the deceptive pic above, my nails are actually brittle and prone to breakage. My thumbs often look somewhat decent but the others you don’t even want to know about. Yes, I have the worst nails on the interwebs.

So why a post on polishes you ask? Well it’s summer and lets just say I can’t have my toes miss out on all the fun -aren’t you glad I opted for a pic of my hands now? They’re partial to a bit of colour, especially during the warmer months when I tend to wear a lot of sandals/open shoes.

L'Oreal-color-riche-5Unsurprisingly, it’s the mini size and colour range that initially drew me to this line. If I’m honest I can’t dis these polishes in any way.  They’re high shine, streak free and don’t chip for several days. They come in a range of colours and finishes and best of all they’re cheap as chips.  While I generally stick to classic colours I like to experiment on the odd occasion.

The shades I have here include Spicy Orange (304), Shocking Pink (210) and Flashing Lilac (828), and all three are perfect for both everyday use and for ramping things up in the evening. Spicy Orange is probably my favourite of the three. It’s just such a versatile, punchy colour. This is actually my second bottle in this shade, and I have a feeling, it’s one I’ll keep repurchasing.

 What do you think of the shades above? Do you have a favourite?

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22 thoughts on “The nails have it: L’Oreal Color Riche

  1. I feel all toasty and summer just looking at those colors! I really Spicy Orange!

    I too have tricky nails. They’re kinda bendy, if you know what I mean? I know some people have nails that are rock hard, but I can easily squish mine 😉 I think it corresponds to hair type, actually. Mine’s silky and fine. And from my observation, people with more coarse hair tend to have sturdier nails as well. Must be genes. I had a lot of luck with Kiko Ultra Long base coat. It applies like a fine film. It has no nail strengthening properties (that are usually not advised for thin bendy nails anyway), it’s basically just for extra protection.

      • Hehe, gotcha 🙂 I’m more of a winter person, but winters here are really mild, lol. 🙂 I should wait till I experience a proper cold winter and then decide. still, these are really fun summery colours 🙂

    • I think you’re onto something there. I have relatively fine hair too and come to think of it my friends with courser hair, tend to have stronger nails. Mine are bendy too and tend to grow up rather than down and closer to the nail bed. I hate it but really, it’s just a superficial problem 🙂 I’ve tried a few growth polishes but haven’t noticed any chanes. I keep meaning to try OPI nail envy 🙂

      • Be careful with Nail Envy. I wanted to try it too and I went to read reviews on makeupalley and apparently thin bendy nails (like ours) don’t really benefit from it. Some people also said it’s good as a short term solution, like before a wedding or something, but in the long run made their nails worse. Might still be worth to try, but just watch out for it. In my experience if someone mentions something negative about a product on makeupalley, it will be true in my case 😀

      • Yeah I’ve primarily steered away from opi nail envy because it contains Formaldehyde…. Which, as you’re probably aware, is a volatile organic ingredient. Personally I don’t want to risk my health despite the reviews. Yes, I’ve been tempted, but I’ve never caved. They do have the Formaldehyde-free version, but I haven’t read any real positives reviews about it. I’m looking at a more natural/eastern approach to tackling this issue. I’ll keep you in mind if I come across anything during my research 🙂

  2. I love them all, especially the spicy orange, We’re still in winter here so it’s nice to know someone somewhere is warm. I wonder if the weather is reflected in my recent choices, all berry and blues. Maybe thinking of cold weather, dark nights and berry pies to warm us up 😀

    • Ooohh…. I’d trade places in a heartbeat. It’s been very hot/humid here (Austalia). I can’t wait for it to start cooling down. Dark nights and berry pies sounds like bliss right now:) Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Oh, I already forgot about formaldehyde in it, that was a concern for me too.

    One thing I think really helps in my case is protecting nails when doing any manual work. I hate washing dishes with gloves, but I just have to. No can opening, no scratching off stickers, no pushing buttons with nails, no prying of any kind. I use actual tools (often improvised :D) for all of that and it made a huge difference. I also now keep a hand cream tube near the sink and pop it on every time I wash hands.

  4. Wow what gorgeous bright shades! They remind me of tropical fruit so I will have to get my hands on some 🙂 I also love that they are smaller bottles – I rarely use up a bottle of polish… Where did you pick these up?

    I haven’t used Nail Envy, but I can totally recommend Revitanail Nail Strengthener. I use it as a base coat when I’m wearing nail polish and then also on its own, nothing works like it in my opinion! I have a review of it up on my blog if you are curious 🙂 Beauty Bee~

    • They really are bright fun colours – you should give them a go. there are so many fun shades :). I picked them up at my local drug store (Priceline)… they’re relatively inexpensive and usually you can pick up 3 for 2. I’m also a fan of the smaller bottles 🙂 Thanks so much for the recommendation. I’ll definitely head over to your blog and check out your post. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      • Just been over to your blog 🙂 Sorry I didn’t realise you’re Australian, hehe. You can also find them at Myer if you’re keen. Just tried to leave a comment on your blog but it’s not letting me. Your platform doesn’t like my ‘credentials’ whatever that means… lol. Will try again 🙂

  5. Oh how bizarre :/ I’m not the most techy person I have to admit, but I’m learning with my two blogs (I seem to give beauty bee more love these days!). You should find a reply to your comment on miss world security 🙂 I have a competition going on beauty bee, if the products are to your liking you should enter! I have only had a handful of entrants, so atm, your chances are looking pretty good if you enter LOL 😉

    It’s so nice coming across Australian beauty blogs, because at least then most of the products are within your reach 🙂 I’ve really been enjoying your blog for that reason and because the posts are so informative 🙂

    • Thanks so much… I really appreciate the kind comment. It’s really ncie to get feedback 🙂
      All cleared up now, regarding your two blogs 🙂 Thanks for clarifying 🙂 Have a gorgeous day!

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