Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur

Garnier-Perfect-Blur-1If I’m honest I wasn’t particularly excited about trying Garnier’s 5 sec Perfect Blur. We’ve heard it all before, right? Well let me get off my high horse… I need to back peddle a little because this stuff is good, really good.

Garnier-Perfect-Blur-25 sec Perfect Blur is a skin smoother/primer aimed at perfecting imperfections such as lines, wrinkles as well as ghastly pores, all while keeping dreaded shine at bay. It does this by diffusing light in all directions. The result; a more youthful, refined complexion. Garnier says “the blurring formula is enriched with optical light reflectors” a new technology developed by team Garnier. It’s suitable for all skin types and is fragrance-free – perfect for those of us with skin sensitivities or a dislike for scented products.

I’ve been trialling the skin smoother/primer for over a week now. Typically I use it over my moisturiser and under my Diorskin Nude BB cream. I give the tube a light shake and use a tiny amount to dot my face. I smooth over the mousse like formula and almost immediately my skin feels velvety to the touch. My pores look smaller and my skin takes on a diffused, radiant look. I don’t think the perfecter controls shine all that well (despite Garnier’s claims), but a little powder here and there seems to keep the shine at bay for the most part. Perfect blur contains dimethicone so if you are prone to breakouts tread carefully. My skin seems to tolerate dimethicone so no complaints in that department. If you love dimethicone as a core product ingredientin your products you’re in for a treat with PB. Overall, a big thumbs up from me.

Before I forget, PB is supposedly a dupe for The Porefessional by Benefit (at a fraction of the cost) but seeing as I’ve never tried Porefressional I can’t vouch for that. If you’re tempted give PB a whirl and let me know what you think. Currently PB is on offer at Priceline. I picked up my tube for $16.99 (AU).

Interested in giving Garnier’s 5 sec Perfect Blur a whirl? If so, let me know how you go.

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6 thoughts on “Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur

  1. Huh, this blur is so popular at the moment. It was on sale today, at the price of 4,50€ (in Croatia) instead of 10,50€. So many girls have bought it, but I couldn’t force myself to spend at it. It’s all just silicones and not a good thing for my skin, after all, so despite promises of better look, I skipped it.

    • Yes, if you don’t like silicones I don’t think you’ll like this. L’Oreal have a similar product that claims to actually reduce pore size in a month. Huge claim, don’t you think? It’s not available in Australia yet, but I’m really curious to try it. 🙂

      • Sure, huge claim, great marketing.That’s Loreal, even though they actually have some good products, but not all are as advertised. Is this the Skin perfection, you’re about to try?

      • Yep – great marketing, hehe. I won’t be trying the L’Oreal version for some time. It’s not available just yet (in Australia). Also, I’d like to research it a little more. I’ll be sure to do a post if it becomes available and if I end up getting it 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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