Chanel ‘Raffinement’ Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel_Raffinement-1Happy New Year my lovely readers. I hope you’ve had a beautiful start to the year and I wish you nothing but bliss and happiness for the year ahead. I know I’ve been a little MIA but we (the boy and I) needed to recharge our batteries and so we decided to spend the latter part of the year holidaying by the beach. There’s nothing quite like the smell of sea salt on a balmy night, listening to the crashing waves and watching the fireworks go off along the coast line – it was a very beautiful moment shared with some special people. I hope whatever you were doing you were happy and excited about the year to come. Time to digress.

I seem to have acquired quite a few shadow palettes over the festive/new year period and I’m not complaining in the slightest. I’ve said many a time that I don’t actually own very many palettes, so it’s nice to have a few under my belt. If I’m honest I was hesitant about sharing another Chanel palette given they’re they’re such a luxury beauty item (and I literally just posted about my Chanel Charming palette not all that long ago), but this one was a gift from my beloved so no harm was done to my credit card. Surely that counts for something. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with the quad itself or with the fact that the boy picked it out all by himself (sans any sort of hints), either way I’m a very happy girl.

Chanel_Raffinement-2The palette I’m referring to is the Chanel Raffinement Eyeshadow Quad, which in my opinion is a beautifully curated selection of neutral colours and finishes. The shades include a deep, shimmery taupe, a pale, frosty champagne, a light, shimmery golden taupe and a deep, matte chocolate brown. The pigmentation is stunning, really buttery and a little goes a long way. Each shade is flawless in quality, which you’d expect from Chanel. Since receiving this quad I’ve been reaching for it daily. While it’s a somewhat basic palette I’ve actually been able to create several looks both for the day and night, switching between wet and dry applications. All of the shades are really up my alley and if I had to pick a favourite shade I’d struggle as they’re equally beautiful.

Overall, I think that this is one of the most loveliest eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried and definitely worth the splurge if you’ve been thinking about investing in a versatile Chanel quad.

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