YSL Volupte Shine: Rouge In Danger (#4 )

YSL-Rouge-Volupte-Shine_Rouge-in-danger-2Rather than bore you with my rants about how heavenly these lippies are I’m going to redirect you to my previous posts which you can find here and here. I will however add that with the festive season in full swing, I find myself reaching for shade number 4 (Rouge in Danger) a lot. It’s the perfcet quick and easy red, that’s both effortless and chic at the same time. I’ve said many a time I’m a sucker for red, and this one’s just perfect. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this formulation feels on my lips. Not only do they feel hydrated but they look pretty to boot.

YSL-Rouge-Volupte-Shine_Rouge-in-danger-1I think it’s pretty evident that YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine’s are my quickly becoming my favourites. They’re definitely worth every penny.

What’s your go to Christmas lippie?

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