Garnier BB Eye Cream

Garnier_BB_eye_cream_1My ‘concealer appreciation’ has been getting out of hand lately. I’ve found some lovely ones recently (which I’ll share at a later date) but the one that’s intrigued me most (and also happens to be somewhat controversial) is the Garnier BB Eye Cream. I’ve read countless mixed reviews about this product but I have to say my experiences have actually been relly good.

First up, the thing that appealed to me was the BB cream (for eyes) concept. I love a good BB cream, but one for the eyes, now that’s interesting. According to Garnier this is Australia’s number one concealer – really, wow!  Garnier says it’s: “The 1st BB Cream by Garnier to be specifically designed for the eye contour area, which combines the power of Haloxyl® with mineral pigments and an ultra-fresh massaging roll-on, for an immediately perfect look”. Apparently the secret behind its success is Haloxyl, which is known to fight dark circles and under-eye bags. I’ve admitted many a time that I get a little puffy under the eyes, so I was intrigued to give this a go.

Garnier_BB_eye_cream_2First up, this is such an easy product to use. You simply roll under the eyes and feel the cream glide onto your skin. I like to use my finger to press the product into my skin as it’s quite thin and watery in texture. It’s not particularly viscous which means it just blends beautifully without too much effort. My under eye area definitely looks more nourished, radiant and smoother but best of all the concealer doesn’t sink into any creases so if you have more mature skin (or just have more happy lines around your eyes) this will work a treat. It’s not heavy at all unlike other concealers and it’s buildable if you need more coverage.

The only real downside in my opinion is the colour selection, or rather, the lack of. The cream only comes in light (in Australia) and while I found my skin adapted to the rather orange tone, I failed to see how anyone who had a lighter or darker skin tone than mine (NW20-25) could use this. It’s such a bummer considering its a lovely product. Let’s hope Garnier re-evaluates this… I mean if it’s Australia’s number one concealer imagine the possibilities if there were greater colour choice…. I’m talking world domination here people, lol.

Jokes aside this is a great product. For the price and how it looks (on me), I was pretty impressed, so much so that I would repurchase if I ran out.

Does this come in another shade where you live and what’s your take on the ‘one colour suits most’ theory, that we’re seeing a lot of lately in the beauty industry?

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