Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

Jo_Malone_CologneI’m quite picky about my fragrances, so much so that I’ve held off adding to my small collection for some time, that is until i had a ‘sniff’ of Jo Malone’s Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne. Oh my!!!! This (along with Blackberry & Bay) has to be my favourite from the collection.

The first thing that struck me about this amazing cologne was the smell, it’s an intoxicating  blend of bergamot and cucumber which is so unexpected and quite unique. It’s an incredibly fresh and clean smelling, making it a very unisex scent despite the sweet base (beeswax, vanilla and musk). It’s from the citrus family of colognes which comes to no surprise really –  it’s why I love and wear it everyday.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your signature scent and I’m so glad I found this one. What’s been your favourite (irrespective of season) lately?

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