Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel


So I’m sheepishly going to blame duty free shopping for my recent Chanel purchases, one of which i shared with you here a few days ago (technically a gift, but you know what I mean). I also mentioned I’d share with you my other purchases one of them being Chanel’s Soleil Tan de CHANEL. So the story goes that I’d steered clear of bronzers for years. My biggest fear was looking like a roast pumpkin. While I’ve tried and tested many a bronzer, still and to this day, the thought of orange based bronzers still makes me cringe, that is until I was introduced to Chanel’s Soleil Tan de CHANEL.

Originally I didn’t buy into the hype surrounding the product. Instead I resisted the urge and tested it out over a year or so each time I was near a Chanel counter. This gave me enough time to test and compare it to similar products. In the end I was completely enamored and with the temptation of tax free shopping (on my recent holiday) I caved. In all honestly nothing I’d tried has given me the ‘hint of outdoor radiance’ I’ve been looking for like Soleil Tan de CHANEL.


The crème-gel (demi-matte) formula is smooth, making it glide on seamlessly. It resembles a rather tempting whipped milk chocolate mousse, but not the type you want to dip your pinkie into, despite the allure. On top of that is has a lovely vanilla-rose scent which quickly dissipates on application.

In terms of colour I think it’s universal but you’ll have to work with it if you’re on either extreme of the spectrum. If you’re middle of the road this will work best for you. Depending on my base of choice I apply the crème-gel over or under my foundation using my Real Techniques buffing brush. I generally define my jaw line and add an overall sun-kissed look to the outside perimeter of of my face in the ‘3’ pattern  (e.g. hairline, hollows of my cheeks and the sides of my jaw). I find this suits me best and just generally makes me look more lively.

I have to say that this has definitely been one of my better investments. I really believe it takes me from drab to (somewhat) fab in a little over 5 minutes. On those days when I’m not up to heavy makeup, a few simple swipes of the crème-gel (over my Diorskin Nude BB cream), some mascara and a little balm and I’m out the door and good to go.

Let me know what your thoughts are if you’ve tried this product, or what your thoughts are in general regarding bronzing products.

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