NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (Norma)


NARS ‘Norma’ had my name on it as soon as I saw it. It was the bright cherry red colour that appealed to me most, along with the promise of a plumped up and hydrated pout. While it delivered on the colour and hydration front, I didn’t notice any plumping benefits. If anything it gave the illusion of fuller lips purely because of the shine factor, which merely enhanced the shape of my lips.


I actually remember buying this around the same time I bough my Nars ‘Wonder’ lipgloss. I couldn’t decide between the two and ended up getting both. While I love both colours, this one is my favourite. Because this is a gloss, I struggle to wear this for more than a few hours, purely because I’m not a fan of the sticky nature of glosses. It’s fair to say I’ve worked out that glosses just aren’t for me. Despite my disdain of the texture (and the tiny bristle brush), this is a beautiful gloss, which to be fair, is more sheer than dramatic – this will of course very from person to person. While I only got a couple of hours of wear (before having to reapply) I didn’t notice any discernible scent, which was nice for a change. If you’re a gloss lover I think you’ll love the ‘Larger than life’ range by NARS. The only difficulty you may have is choosing a shade as they’re all quite beautiful.

Have you tried any of the glosses in this range? Please share đŸ™‚

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