Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara


It’s often difficult writing a review on mascaras – I find you’ve just got to take a gamble and try if for yourself. I often find hyped-up mascaras just don’t work as well for me, so I usually go against the grain and buy something obscure I haven’t really heard much about. My lashes are somewhat sparse so I often look for something that will lengthen and add volume and I prefer a black mascara just for some extra definition.


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara is one of few mascara’s I find I sit on the fence with. Usually I either love or lathe a mascara but this ones a tricky one. While it leaves my lashes soft and natural looking it’s also prone to occasional flaking and the dreaded panda eye/s. While this doesn’t happen often, it is something I’m mindful of on hot humid days, or if I just haven’t had enough sleep (and hence rub my eyes). On the other hand, I also remember trying Ceramide for the very first time and looking back at myself in awe thinking how amazingly long my lashes looked and how soft/natural they felt. Elizabeth Arden says the mascara is “infused with Ceramide Triple Complex and Keravis™ to help lengthen, define and revitalize lashes”. I’ve never heard of Keravis, nor Ceramide, however the former is meant to help strengthen and fortify the lashes. I’m not sure about this claim, but my lashes definitely feel great when I use this mascara. Another thing I really love about Ceramide is the drier formula – I don’t experience any caking/clumping, which is great.


I’ve tried countless mascaras and despite the flaking and threat of panda eyes, I really like this mascara. It’s by no means my favourite but it’s definitely one I enjoy wearing. For now, I’ll continue sitting on the fence.

What are some of the things you look for in a mascara?

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