NARS Wonder Lipgloss


I’m not the biggest gloss fan. I generally find them too tacky and heavy to wear. Having said that I’m a huge sucker for pretty colours and I got totally suckered in by this one, which I’ve had for some time now.  NARS Wonder Lipgloss, is a “shiny, sheer mandarin orange, laced with pink and gold shimmer.” It’s a semi-sheer gloss  and is easily buildable. As with most NARS glosses, I found this one to be hydrating and scent and taste fee. And while it’s not something I reach out for often, this yummy shade does make my lips look plumped,  juicy and ready for some sunshine – It’s the perfect colour for the warmer months.

Nars_Wonder_gloss_2 Nars_Wonder_gloss_3

What’s your favourite gloss, Nars or other.

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