Apivita facial masks


I first stumbled upon these little Apivita beauty express masks when I received a duo-pack sample in a goodie bag some time last year.  Having liked my free sample (Mask for Young Oily Skin with propolis) I picked up a couple of additional masks (Intensive Hydration, Anti-wrinkle & Firming, and nourishing masks) when I found them on offer at my local drugstore. Apivita, the brand behind the masks claim to include 80-100% natural ingredients, which was what really spurred my interest and subsequent purchases. I’m all for more natural ingredients in products, so how could I argue with that…

As a side note, I typically I get about 2 uses from each single sachet, which is pretty standard for me across the Apivita Beauty Express range.   The masks are super convenient and the individual tear-off sachets are great for popping in your travel bag, when you don’t want to lug around full sized products. Here’s my brief overview of the mask I bought and what I though.

Intensive Hydration mask with cucumber: This mask has a thin creme-gel formula. It feels quite cooling and refreshing on the skin. The scent is the most tolerable of the three (for me at least). This one was my favourite, especially for trips away as it’s great for revitalising and hydrating tired skin.

Anti-wrinkle and firming mask with grape: This is another thin creme-gel formula that is made of 99% natural ingredients. I had high hopes for this one, but it was my least favourite. This mask supposedly enhances skin’s elasticity and firmness, however I felt it made my skin look blotchy and irritated. The scent wasn’t to my liking either and overall I didn’t notice any positive results.

Nourishing Mask with cereals: Overall this was quite nice in terms of texture. It nourished and hydrated my skin and it left it feeling nice and soft. The scent was quite strong (which I didn’t like) however overall it was quite good.

While it’s fun trying out different face masks, I probably wouldn’t run out and buy these masks again. They were nice, but to be honest I just found the scents to be too strong and a little nauseating. They are however great for stashing in your bag, for trips and weekends away. Just be warned the scents, are super strong.

Have you tried the Apivita Beauty Express masks before?

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