August 2013 Beauty Favourites


Wow, these monthly favourites seem to come around really quickly. You’ll probably notice some familiar items in this one, with a couple of new additions I may not have mentioned previously. Some of these items have become daily staples that I swear by – my regular readers will know which products I’m talking about. So, here they are…


Grown Alchemist Acai-berry and Borago facial moisturiser: My favourite moisturiser of all time. This stuff never disappoints. Love this stuff and despite the price (it’s a little hefty in my opinion) it’s well worth it. This is the only matte moisturiser that works for me.

L’Oreal Color Riche nailpolish (Spicy Orange): I’ve really been loving warm orange based reds for nails – sadly I can’t say the same for my lips  (orange-red lippies just don’t work on me). While I don’t have the best nails, this is the colour I’ve been gravitating toward when they’ve been long enough to polish. Love this colour and the brush is fantastic. This is my second bottle.

Chanel Les beige (#30): Put simply, this is perfection in a compact – I’ve enjoyed using this so much over the past month and I’ve barely touched my Rimmel Stay Matte powder since I got this. Truth be told, it was never a favourite, this however is.

Nars Lipstick ( Manhunt): I love this lipstick. The texture is smooth,  the formula is super conditioning and the poppy red colour is just delicious – what’s not to love? It’s classified as a sheer lipstick but the colour payoff is amazing and definitely buildable.


Hydraluron: I’ve mentioned my love for Hydraluron so many times on this blog so It’s no surprise it features in my August Favourites. I’ve literally used it every day over the month of August.

Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick: This is my no fuss instant eye makeup saviour. I use the lighter champagne-pink shade all over my lid and the darker brown to line my upper and lower lash-lines. It’s super convenient when you’re in a rush, like I am most mornings.

Diorskin Nude BB Cream: Another product I’ve featured on this here blog. Love the texture, scent, colour…. what more can I say.

Real techniques Duo-fibre contour brush: I’ve been enjoying this brush for a somewhat unusual reason. Funnily enough I’ve actually been using it to blend in my Nars Manhunt lipstick onto my cheeks. I don’t profess to be the first person to ever do this, but it works so well and looks amazing when paired with the lipstick.

Over to you lovely readers… what were some of your August beauty favourites?

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7 thoughts on “August 2013 Beauty Favourites

  1. I think Rimmel’s Stay Matte is meant to be for seriously oily skin. And it’s cheap 😉 I think part of the reason they don’t update the packaging (despite many complains), because it means they would have to bump up the price quite a bit. And then people will start comparing it to other (better?) powders in the same price range. Is yours in “transparent”? I got mine in a color (006 warm beige) version and I get decent coverage from it, so I use it as this half-arsed powder foundation on “can’t be bothered much, but don’t want shiny nose either” days 😉

    • Hi there lovely 🙂 I have combination-oily skin and own the transparent version as I don’t like adding a colour over foundation – unless of course it’s a bronzer, blush etc. The packaging doesn’t bother me in the slightest and I love that it’s a super cheap product, but I just don’t think the powder is worth the hype. I guess different things work for different people, and unfortunately the Stay Matte powder just doesn’t work for me 😦 I generally use the chanel les beiges powder to add depth and warmth around my face, kind of like a contour. I don’t actually use it to powder my whole face and this method seems to suit my needs. It’s a pity it’s so expensive though :/ Always a pleasure reading your comments hehe. Have a fab week! 🙂

      • The packaging bothers me a lot! 😉 Since I use mine mostly for blotting/shine control throughout the day, I’d really like for it to have a mirror, a sponge/puff/brush and a lid that doesn’t come loose all the time LOL
        Do you carry a compact powder with you? I’m guessing Les Beiges is not meant for touch-ups or is it?

      • Hehe…. our first world problems are funny 🙂 I do have a compact I carry with me (most times), and I use it when I really have to but I prefer blotting paper – also I can be lazy sometimes so I’m known to skip this all together hehe. Also, you probably could use the les beiges for touch ups but I don’t like to.

  2. That Revlon colourstay stick reminds me of those MaxFactor eye duos (I got mine a few years back, not sure if they’re still around), it’s funny because my MaxFactor stick is in the exact same brown-y shades as your Revlon one! I love them, will check the Revlon ones out now =)

    • Hey Penny, funny you mentioned the Max Factor eye duos… i think I saw them the other day although I didn’t investigate further as I’m on a shopping ban lol. I have to admit I’m curious now. I picked up the revlon one when it was on offer. Not sure if you need a primer with the MF version, but I definitely do with the Revlon colourstay stick. Have a lovely day!

      • Yes, the Max Factor one does tend to slip a little bit, I usually use a primer and I also carry the stick around if I need to touch-up (it’s tiny so it’s super portable). My favourite is definitely the bronzey/brown one and I would recommend that but the Revlon shade you have looks exactly the same so you’d end up with two very similar products!

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