Mario Badescu Drying Mask


To be honest, I hadn’t heard much about Mario Badescu’s drying mask prior to stumbling upon it at my local department store. At first I was put off by the brown goop and horrendous smell – it smells really, really awful. Despite the look and smell I was desperate to try almost anything having experienced a severe breakout after coming off some medication. I had heard something vaguely positive about sulfur based products some time ago, and whether true or not, I took a gamble and bought a small pot ($28.95 AU). Normally I’m pretty good at showing restraint but desperate times call for desperate measures.


I’ve used this product now for the last month or so (roughly 2-3 times a week) and can’t praise it enough. It’s done wonders for my skin and in my eyes, is a real miracle worker. Essentially the mask is sulfur based and is meant to dry the skin – as the name suggests. Supposedly, sulfur refines surface oil which in turn calms existing acne and prevents future breakouts. I apply a thin layer to problem areas and allow it to dry, which takes about 20 minutes or so. Following that I just rinse with water and pat dry. I can usually smell the product on myself after washing it off, which is a little off putting but something I’m prepared to ignore, as this is such a fab product. Just don’t apply the mask before a date, interview, or important event.


The result is skin that is taught but not overly dry. I’ve read that some people experience dryness but as I have oily/combination skin I didn’t notice this. To be fair it was slightly drier but not abnormally so. My pores look smaller, the redness seems to subside, my skin appears clarified and the texture look noticeably more refined. Totally a win, win scenario really.

I totally recommend this mask if you’re having acne/blemish issues, however beware if you have sensitive skin as this may be too drying for you. Try limit it to the areas you’re experiencing problems and don’t use it as an all over mask, as it may be aggressive on certain skin types. It’s totally worth the investment in my opinion. As always, if you can, get a sample before handing over your cash.

Have you tried the Mario Badescu drying mask before?

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3 thoughts on “Mario Badescu Drying Mask

  1. I’m a longtime Mario Badescu user, I just stocked up on some items and got this mask as a sample because I wanted to try it before I bought the whole jar. I used it last night and I’m really optimistic to see the long term results now thanks to your post! If I can bare to keep using it, because as you said its probably the worst smelling face mask ever! x

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