Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser (60 Brightening Illuminateur)


So I was going through my drafts folder and noticed I forgot to upload this post. By now you’ve probably heard all about Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser but for what it’s worth here’s a quick wrap up of my thoughts. Btw, I have the brightening version (60).


So there’s not much I don’t like about this concealer. It’s applies smoothly, is easy to blend, doesn’t cake or settle in fine lines and totally brightens my under eye area. I use it sparingly on those days I really need it and the salmon pink colour seems to do the trick. The only downside is the sponge tip applicator, While I appreciate how much easier it makes my application I do worry about how hygenic it is (or isn’t) but I figure seeing as I’m the only one using the illuminateur it should be okay.


Overall I love this product and would repurchase without hesitation. I can’t remember how much I picked this up for but I do recall it being heavily discounted as I bought it at the supermarket of all places. Keep an eye out if you’re interested as you can usually pick this up for less than the rrp.

What’s your go to brightening concealer?

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