L’Oreal Everpure Shampoo & Conditioner


I love a good sample, especially when it comes delivered to my house – thank you Priceline! Funnily enough, I’d already heard all the rage surrounding L’Oreals new haircare line, so I was really surprised when I received a sample and $10 off voucher in the mail. More than anything I was surprised the new range was available in Australia.

So let’s be honest here – who doesn’t love a free sample?  There’s nothing like testing out a product at home before your turn over your hard earned cash, sometimes to find you don’t like the product or it just doesn’t agree with you. We’ve all been there I’m sure. Anyway, I really enjoyed my sample, and while I can’t give you a full length detailed review (as it was a one time use sample) I can say that, I’m definitely going to use my $10 voucher to purchase a shampoo and conditioner in the Evercreme or Eversleek range .

In terms of the sample I received – Everpure Shampoo and Conditioner, the consistency of both products was fairly thick (which I liked). The botanical scent was fresh and invigorating and is my preference when it comes to shower/bath scents. When dry, my hair felt smooth and nourished and I had a lovely glossy sheen. Have I mentioned this range is sulfate free? Pretty cool, huh? I had a fair few compliments from work collegues and I can honestly say I think it was the Everpure combo as I didn’t  add to or do anything different in regards to my usual routine. I’m really looking forward to trying more from this line. L’Oreal, despite our differences you did good this time.

Have you tried this line before and what’s your favourite range? Let me know –  I’m clearly a newbie here 🙂

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