Tuesday Temptations


Lancome Blush in love – Peche Joue-Joue (10) Peach
I’ve been searching for a natural peach blush for some time and although I haven’t tried this one it looks so pretty and exactly what I had in mind. There are two shades in this range one a peach and the other a pink shade. This appears to be a new product so it may be a while till I can sample it. The shade I’m loving is Peche Joue-Joue (10) Peach. I’ve been wanting something to add warmth to my face without looking heavy and I have a sneaky suspicion this might be it.

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine – Monte-Carlo (68)
Every time I look at the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks I get overwhelmed with all the pretty colours. I’m sure if I had the chance of purchasing one or two I’d become really indecisive, much like when I’m in the sweets isle at the supermarket. This week I’m loving the shade Monte-Carlo (68 – pictured), although I also like Fiction (81) and Saga (79) and Le Baise (54) and…. you get the idea.

Lancôme Khôl In Love Deepwater Blue
I’m really not sure if this is available in Australia as I don’t recall seeing it at my local Lancome counter. No surprises really, as it also happens to be a limited edition liner/colour and wow, what an amazing colour – so intense and pigmented. If I recall correctly it was part of the Lancome In Love Spring 13 collection. I’m hoping I stumble across it during my travels later this year although I’m not placing bets on being so lucky. Watch this space.

Images: Chanel, Lancome.

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