L’Oreal Paris False lash Telescopic Mascara


I had high hopes for the L’Oreal Paris False Lash Telescopic Mascara having read many a raving review. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t turn out being as wonderful as you’d hoped. I guess that’s the beauty of trial and error and discovering what works best for you, or me in this instance.

Now before I get started this isn’t a negative review by any means. False Lash Telescopic was a nice mascara, but at $26 AU I was expecting more bang for my buck. In terms of dollar value there are many other better branded and better performing mascaras out there. Increasingly or at least in the Australian market, L’Oreal gets a thumbs down from me in terms of value for money.


Now that I’ve got that out of the way let me tell you about what I did like about this mascara.Overall, L’Oreal’s Telescopic was a nice mascara that did a decent job at lengthening, separating and defining my lashes. Despite having read that it was a wet mascara I felt otherwise. My lashes didn’t flake or look dry – nor did the mascara clump. I loved the slimline wand and found it helpful in applying the mascara to my inner and lower lashes. Having said that, the mascara did little at keeping my lashes curled, despite using an eyelash curler prior to application.

Overall L’Oreal Telescopic was a decent mascara but I won’t be repurchasing this product again. If this is a drug store mascara in your neck of the woods, give it a go and let me know what you think – you may very well like it. Sadly for me, it wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be.

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2 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris False lash Telescopic Mascara

    • Actually it’s $27 – my bad hehe. Yeah it’s ridiculously expensive! I think a lot of drug store brands mark up there products here… it’s why I generally prefer higher-end products – unless they’re on offer. I’m not sure if the prices are higher in general, but I notice it a lot with beauty/skin care products. It’s really frustrating. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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