MAC Rebel Lipstick


A girl can never have too many lipsticks if you ask me, and I unashamedly love adding to my small (but growing) collection – lets just say lipsticks are my thing. Although I have quite a few obscure colours lurking in my stash I also have a few, that I think have somewhat of a cult following –  like MAC’s Rebel. I won’t go into too much detail as this particular shade was last Autums ‘it’ colour so here’s my attempt at a quick summation.

Rebel is a gorgeous deep fuchsia berry colour although I’ve found after a little investigation (google searching) that it’s quite the chameleon. I recommend trialling Rebel if you can as it looks different on everyone depending on your colouring and skin tone, as lipsticks do. On me it looks more like a deep fushcia.

Rebel is a satin finish and glides on effortlessly. It also feels somewhat hydrating on my lips although that may be because I apply a lip balm prior to any lipstick application. In terms of longevity Rebel goes the extra mile. I get by wearing it pretty much all day without having to reapply as it imparts the prettiest stain, which i really like. If I’m going from day to night I’ll generally reapply, otherwise I prefer to just pop on a balm and I’m good to go.
I’ve heard from various bloggers that Rimmel (by Kate) #107 is somewhat of a dupe, so I’ve included a comparison swatch – you can plainly see they’re quite different. In terms of formula they are also nothing alike. Mac Rebel reigns supreme in the berrylicious wars.

So what are your thoughts? Is Rebel a colour you’d consider adding to your collection?

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2 thoughts on “MAC Rebel Lipstick

    • It really is… and it’s my boyfriends favouite too so I love wearing it 🙂 I’m a lipstick fiend…it’s my favourite thing to purchase and the one product (aside from mascara) that makes me feel good and on top of the word (makeup wise). Btw that’s a nice little collection you’ve got going 🙂

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