Tuesday Temptations


Just a couple of pretties that have me ticking this week.

Pixi Lash Line Ink
Having read many a review about this ink liner it’s about time I got this little pen. It’s been sitting in a shopping cart for some time but I just haven’t plucked the courage to order it, after being stung by a recent U.K order. I love the precision tip mostly because I suck at applying ink liners (thanks to my hooded eyelids). The Pixi Lash Line Ink pen contains no parabens, sulfates & phthalates, and is also dermatologically approved – so it’s great for my sensitive peepers. For now, it’ll sit idle, waiting for the right time.

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel – I’ve been wanting a new cream blush for some time but Lisa Eldridge helped seal the deal in a recent video. The new cream blushes aren’t available in Australia yet, but I’m hoping to pick up one or two on my upcoming trip abroad. Favourites so far are Presage and Revelation, although I’m sure this will change over time – I’m swayed quite easily 🙂

Jo Malone ‘Blackberry & Bay’ Cologne – Having received a couple of sample vials of various scents from my sister I wanted to try a couple of others, I hadn’t sampled. On a recent shopping trip the boy and I both agreed Blackberry & Bay was amazing. I lurve blackberries and there’s something  fresh, yet familiar about this cologne. It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before.

What are you eying at the moment?

Images: chanel.com, pixibeauty.com & jomalone.co.uk.

All content © 2013 splishsplasch


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Temptations

  1. I watch Lisa Eldridge too! I used to be subscribed to just about all the beauty “gurus” on youtube, but once I found Lisa’s channel, watching the others became rather unnecessary 😀
    I’ve been pestered by the idea of a perfect toned-down warm pink lipstick shade lately. Not too brown, yet not too bright. I can see it in my head, the exact shade I want, but have not been able to find it for sale yet 😉

    • Hey Olga 🙂 Hope you’re well! Lisa is amazing… such a wealth of information and so sweet and lovely to watch:)
      hehe… I’m on a similar mission regarding finding that dream lipstick I’ve envisaged but can’t find. Mine is a watermelon/coral colour…. I’m yet to find it lol 🙂 Good luck on your quest!

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