MAC Crosswires lipstick

MAC_Crosswires_lipstick_1 MAC_Crosswires_lipstick_2 MAC_Crosswires_lipstick_3Top swatch – 2 swipes. Bottom – single swipe.

I’m the first to admit that I have a serious addiction to red lipsticks. I’ve convinced myself that the ‘one’ is still out there and that I’m on a mission to find it – truth be told, it’s probably already in my collection. Anyway, this post isn’t about my love of red lipsticks, rather, this post is about how I fell in love with corals. So let me fill you in…

It all started when I saw a swatch (online) of MACs Viva Glam Cyndi. Granted it wasn’t a red shade, but my initial infatuation with reds was what led me to my discovery… bare with me. Sadly, Viva Glam Cyndi was a limited release shade so there was no way I was going to find a tube, unless of course I paid an exorbitant price on ebay – which I wasn’t prepared to do. The only viable option was to search for a dupe (irrespective of brand). Funnily, a friend informed me that MAC had a permanent line colour called Crosswires that wasn’t too dissimilar and was somewhat of a dupe. So I did a bit of research and headed down to my local MAC counter to give it a whirl. Now I can’t confirm that it is in fact a dupe (I don’t own Cyndi) but from what I can see it’s pretty darn close.

For those of you not familiar with Crosswires, it’s a very wearable, somewhat muted coral-pink. On me, it leans more pink. It’s not too bright so it’s the perfect anytime/anywhere lip colour. Crosswires is a cremesheen formula, making it somewhat semi-sheer. If you’re going from day to night just add some extra swipes to increase the intensity (as it’s easily buildable) or dab on with your finger for a more soft/stained look. It’s glides on fairly smooth on the lips (no dragging) and is long lasting, I typically get about 2-3 hours wear if I’m honest.

If you’re yet to dabble in brighter corals (or even reds) this may be a fabulous a entry level coral colour that will see you transition nicely to brighter more daring colours. It’s a very cheerful shade and smells great to boot (has that signature MAC vanilla scent). It’s honestly become my hands down favourite (non red) go-to lipsticks. Give it a whirl at the very least!

What’s been your go-to lipstick lately?

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