Beauty // Christmas nails


I’m not a huge nail polish hoarder, in fact, I only own a handful and I’m not kidding when I say handful. It’s partly because I have week nails that tend to break easily but it’s also because I’m a little lazy when it comes to maintenance.

Normally I’ll wear a sheer nude, however this Christmas I’m making more of an effort and these 2 polishes (Fast Track and Happy Holidays (the latter is limited edition) from Kit cosmetics are my favourite festive colours. I like to layer the two together and if I have a shorter/damaged nail I’ll apply the clear gold glitter alone to the shorter nail/s and paint the better nails with the layered combo or just a single colour.. It’s kind of a fun look and works well I think.

I love the consistency of KIT polishes and the brush is broad and applies evenly. Both polishes work well with just a single coat but feel free to double up and/or apply a top coat. I skip this and just apply O.P.I’s drip dry which does the trick and means my nail polish looks glossier and last longer.

All content © 2013 splishsplasch

All content copyright 2013 splishsplasch


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