Life // Japan (Part 1)

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First things, first… hello my lovelies. I’ve missed you and the blog since I went away for my Japan trip. While a lot has happened since then, I wanted to firstly thank you for all your lovely comments, which I’ve been catching up on today. You guys are the best and a big hello to my new followers too.

Where do I begin? Well, Japan was amazing! We had the most incredible time on our trip. We returned a little solemn with super sore feet but big smiles on our faces and beautiful memories imprinted in our hearts. Japan is definitely my favourite place to visit. I’ve traveled around the globe a little and Japan is unlike anywhere I’ve been before. It’s really in a league of it’s own. We’re already talking about our next trip. Put simply there isn’t just one thing I fell in love with rather the whole experience was amazing – everything from the people, hospitality, food and culture and of course the beautiful sights of Tokyo and further afar. There’s too much to mention and I won’t bore you with details so if you have anything you’d like to ask please do and I’ll be sure to answer your questions.

I’ll leave you with a small selection of pics and post some more in another post. Would you believe the only thing we forgot to pack was the camera charger and we couldn’t find a replacement on our shopping adventures. I can’t believe it was the only thing we couldn’t find to buy in Japan – seriously the shopping is nuts! Credit cards beware – it’s a little challenging being a responsible shopper:)


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