Stila Convertible Color


I’m a little bit in love with this Stila convertible colour – lip and cheek stain. This is such an ingenious product. You literally get 2 products in one – a lip and cheek stain – I just love multiple use products. I own one of these beauties in the shade Fuchsia, which looks a little out there in the pan. Honestly speaking, the idea of wearing a fuchsia blush has always scared me. I just never though I could get way wearing it. Surprisingly, on application, the colour is quite translucent and brightens my cheeks and lips mimicking a natural flush. Best of all the formula is buildable. It’s creamy, sits nicely on my skin and is so easy to apply (I use my fingers). If there was just one downside  I’ve found the product slides a little in hot climates. I guess you get that when you live in a hot country like Australia.

This is a must-have product in my opinion. With 9 shades the only problem you’ll have is choosing just one shade to go home with.

What are your thoughts on muli-use products and do you like braving a daring lip/cheek colour?


5 thoughts on “Stila Convertible Color

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