New In // Sass & Bide Coat of Arms belt


Last week I took a trip down to Sass & Bide for the launch of their Seekerstate collection. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything after my last purchase but was enticed by the 10% discount store-wide. I’d been eying the ‘Coat of Arms’ belt and ‘The Busy Space’ bag for some time and with both being top sellers I decided I needed one of them in my life before they both sold out. In the end I decided on the belt, mostly because I’d get more wear out of it. I have to say it’s absolutely stunning and offers great versatility. I’m still pining over the bag, particularly because I love the style and colour but I’ll hold off for a while. Hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot with that comment.

Also, apologies about the lack of posts mid week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days of my week. So much going on at work and home at the moment and I’m being driven loopy by the rainbow lorikeets feeding on nectar and pollen from the trees in our little rainforest. They’re gorgeous birds but unfortunately are early risers….I swear there must be about 100+ of them out there and they haven’t stopped with the raucous screeching, squeaking and chattering.

First image from my instagram account (fiind me by searching staraboveparvati)
Second image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Australia.



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