Health & Beauty // New from Kiehl’s


I picked up this new product last week on my way home from work. Since using it I have noticed my skin feeling smoother, which is what I was after. What I wanted to mention, was that I also picked up some samples (as I’m looking for a new skin regime). Which brings me to the crux of this post. Ladies, don’t be shy to ask for samples when shopping for beauty products. How many times have you bought a product and tried it a few times only to stop using it. It sits in your vanity collecting dust. God if I had a dollar for every time I did that I’d be able to afford that Isabel Marant jacket I’ve been dreaming about. So, a while ago I pledged that I would only buy products I’d sampled. That way I know I’ll use it. Just some friendly advice:)



6 thoughts on “Health & Beauty // New from Kiehl’s

  1. It's lovely Caise:) Works well for me:) Will be buying some new products after loving some of the samples – just need to finish my current products. I understand it is hard to ask for samples sometimes but there's no harm in trying. You just never know:) Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome posts:) xx

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