Sawadee ka:)

Sawadee ka:) We’re finally back from my much needed Thailand holiday. Such an amazing and mesmerising country. If you need to run away to a tropical oasis I strongly recommend Thailand. Thai people are so warm and friendly and their haphazard ways are likened to ordered chaos, well in my eyes anyway. It comes to no surprise they call Thailand the land of the smiles. Despite the fact that it was monsoon season we managed to have beautiful weather the whole time we were there. Lucky for us but not so lucky for large parts of Thailand that were affected by horrendous floods. If you can donate some money to the Thai flood Appeal please do so (please check for your local charities). Anyway I won’t bore you with holiday talk but what I will do is thank you for your lovely comments and messages prior our departure. They really made me smile. I’ll be back to speed with my blog in no time but for now here are just a few holiday snaps.


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